Model Railroader Magazine 1939 September Boomer Pete Simplifies Control

Model Railroader Magazine 1939 September Boomer Pete Simplifies Control

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Model Railroader 1939 September
Table of Contents.
Highballing 'Em 433
Model Loco Depot (photos) 439
Making a Double Crossover 440
Floating Hot-Shot 445
All-Steel Interurban Car (plans) 446 Simplified, Practical Control
(Boomer Pete) 448
Hagerstown Club Layout 454
11" Scale 455
Realistic Structure Detail 456
Building a U. S. R. A. Switcher 457
Club Directory 464
PFE 60-Ton Reefer (plans) 467
Railway Postoffice 468
Letters From the Editor 472
News 476
Trade Topics 482

Some Suggestions for Club Programs.
A MODEL railroad club need never be lacking for interesting programs at its monthly or weekly meetings. A live-wire program chairman can keep things humming for meeting after meeting and leave no excuse whatever for dull, dry business sessions. In fact, the business matters are better turned over to a board of directors and handled outside of club meetings.
A round table discussion is good for a meeting any time on short notice. A blackboard should be provided at the front of the room and one or two members should prime themselves to start a discussion on, let us say, signaling. They start it off by outlining a few of their ideas on circuits, and before anyone realizes it, all the other members are in on it, too. It is likely that the chairman will have to break into the discussion to end it at a reasonable hour.
We have just received a little booklet from the Wim-bleton Model Railway Club over in England, which seems to be far ahead of most American model railroad clubs in arranging its programs. The booklet takes the form of a combination membership card on which dues can be receipted, list of officers, and a list of weekly meetings in detail for the entire year. Such an advance listing of the meetings gives the members more opportunity to plan for them.
Last Jan. 9, for instance, the Wimbleton Model Railway Club held an exhibition of photographs by members. Now, isn't that a fine idea for any model railroad club? At the next meeting there was a series of 10-minute talks on favorite prototypes by members. A little later an illustrated lecture was furnished by courtesy of the North Eastern Ry. Most American railroads have travel films taken along their lines and are more than willing to send these out with a lecturer to any organization desiring them. The Association of American Railroads issues a complete mimeographed list of all railroad movies available from all sources. Have your club program chairman send for it.

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