Model Railroader Magazine 1939 July Building a grade crossing

Model Railroader Magazine 1939 July Building a grade crossing

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Model Railroader 1939 July
Table of Contents.
Polarized Power 338
Model Grade Crossing 339
An Illustrated Letter 344
A Model Station 345
Smooth Running HO Road351
(Boomer Pete)
New Two-Way Signal Circuit __353
Tips From the St. Gotthard Line 355
Plans for Birney Safety Car ____358
Freeing Up Your Loco360
Large Scale Layout 362
Railway Postoffice 364
Three-Cylinder Switcher 366
Free Lance Private Owner, photo 366
News 368
Trade Topics 374
Plan Now for Fall and Winter Construction.
Now is a good time to make detailed plans for a Fall and Winter construction program on your model railroad. It isn't exactly the weather for doing any consistent shop project but it's a fine time to sit out on the porch and sketch or read. When cooler weather comes and you get to work on a project you will find it will go much smoother if you have done careful paper work in advance.
A new locomotive may be in order, or a batch of freight cars. Your road may need an extension of the layout, or a new limited passenger train. These things you have of course thought of already and you will be thinking about them when you sit down to select your prototype and design your methods of building, but there are other directions in which you can turn your efforts, directions in which your thoughts have perhaps not turned.
Is your layout as it now stands neat and correct, something you are proud to show your friends, or is it just a make-shift? Have you some realistic three-dimensional scenery which is kept clean and attractive looking? Is your trackwork kept in good order and is it finished off with the same detail as your locomotives and cars? Do you have a signaling system?
A model railroad is an attempt to reproduce in miniature a complete portion of a railroad system. As such it should include all the items that go to make up the actual railroad scene. It is natural that some of us will be more interested
in one branch than in another. There are some model railroaders who build locomotives without even bothering about track to run them on. There are a few who build cars alone. The average model railroader will probably derive the most lasting satisfaction from a pike which includes reasonably complete development of all the major branches.
Trackwork, we have often remarked, does not receive the attention it merits. Most model rail is considerably oversize. Ties are usually spaced too far apart. These are defects which would not be tolerated in a locomotive or piece of rolling stock. We suggest that 0 gaugers investigate fully the possibilities in using 00 size rail. It not only makes the track look more realistic but by making the rails thinner it increases the illusion of distance. 00 gaugers likewise can use HO gauge rail.

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