Model Railroader Magazine 1939 February Build a transformer car

Model Railroader Magazine 1939 February Build a transformer car

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Model Railroader 1939 February
Table of Contents.
Erecting Trolley Wire57
Golden Spike (Boomer Pete) 61
Photo Pages 63, 77, 96
0 Gauge Live Steam in Canada 64 Building a Passenger Train ____ 70
Tinplate Mikado73
A Model Telltale  75
Better Model Photos 76
Building a Transformer Car  79
Locomotive Plans 87
Layout Plan 90
Club Directory 93
Railway Postoffice 98
News 100
Trade Topics 108

Don't Try Too Much at Once.
MODEL railroading as a hobby can bring great satisfaction or great disappointment. How it turns out for you depends largely upon what you do during the first year. Since some four thousand of you readers are comparative newcomers to our hobby, a few hints may be in order.
First of all, do not take any advice (including this) too seriously, for remember above all things that model railroading is a hobby, that you are in it for spare time satisfaction (or fun if you will), and so there's absolutely no one can tell you what to do except yourself. As for that last   named party, take him seriously, do what he wants, and you'll find lasting satisfaction in the
hobby. Just because the man down the street or the Editor of THE MODEL RAILROADER says small locomotives are more befitting a model pike doesn't mean you have to pick small engines if you like big ones. Nor does the other fellow's predelection for HO mean you have to go HO if you prefer some other gauge.
Keeping up with the Joneses is bad on the family budget, and it's bad for your model railroad too. In your own right of way you're king, and don't let anyone rush you into attempting too much at once. Bite off only as much as you can chew, take your time, and enjoy yourself.
If you try to accomplish in a month or two what the other fellow has done in years you may soon be discouraged and hunting another hobby. That wouldn't be desirable at all. We'd miss
your subscription to THE MODEL RAILROADER and you'd miss a good hobby. It is perhaps unfortunate that the construction of a model railroad involves so much specialized knowledge. If you are typical you are probably an office worker, a professional man, an accountant-anything but an electrical engineer or a machinist-and yet here you are puzzling over problems that would really stump men who deal with similar work in their daily lives. You are suddenly called upon to know a lot about a number of trades and at the same time you want your model railroad in a hurry. But if you can hold your ambitions in check for a while you'll get there sooner or later, and after all model railroading can be a lifetime hobby.
Unless your choice of scale and gauge is clearly determined at the outset, buy a car kit in each size and assemble it. You'll learn a lot, and you'll have sounder basis for choice of gauge. Don't let track layout bother you too much at first. Among the old timers, we know of very few who haven't changed layouts several times. Look upon the first track you lay as something temporary, a line that is undoubtedly full of mistakes but which will give you opportunity for testing your equipment and learning more about what you want in a permanent track plan.
Follow up some of the construction articles in magazines. By that we mean to actually build the projects described.

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