Model Railroader Magazine 1938 September Signal bridge plans  How to build HO Lo
Model Railroader Magazine 1938 September Signal bridge plans  How to build HO Lo

Model Railroader Magazine 1938 September Signal bridge plans How to build HO Lo

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Model Railroader Magazine 1938 September Signal bridge plans How to build HO Lo
Model Railroader 1938 September
Table of Contents.
Model Railroad Contest356
Converted HO Loco357
Model Railroad Operating
(Boomer Pete)361
Colortone Photo Section_363, 366, 367
Signal Bridge Construction364
P RR. Class M-la Plans368
The Penn Road371
Two-Rail Tips374
Making a Switch Machine375
Spring Switch377
Building an Atlantic Loco378
U. S. R. A. Box Car Plans388
Club Directory392
Along the Division (News)395
Trade Topics400

The Case for Single Track.
SINGLE track has much to commend it for use in model railroad layouts. The most talked of point has been that the average model layout so often represents a small branch line and so should have single track. To which those who like multiple track main line logically answer, "Yes, but even the largest model layouts cannot represent the whole of a branch line, so isn't it just as good and just as realistic to model a small portion of a four-track main line as a portion of a single track branch?"
It would seem that the branch line argument hasn't so much weight, unless you just happen to like branch line. From this standpoint at least a model rail can model the kind of main line he pleases. But we feel there are other important considerations that really favor single track.
A model railroad layout is almost always an illusion. It must be an illusion because not even in the largest of spaces is there room to model a working portion of a real railroad to exact linear scale. The length of main line must be shortened to almost absurd extremes.
But shortness is comparative. A 3 ft. yardstick looks long but a 3 ft. square of cement doesn't look long at all, because it's just as wide. Similarly, a 50 ft. 'line of model railroad along the side of a basement looks almost twice as long if it's single track as it does when double track is laid.
This is definitely not a vague theoretical point.
It's a real difference that we've felt for years whenever we've looked at a single track model railroad. The realistic effect is much more obvious. A real railroad is essentially long and narrow, even though four tracked, but a model railroad in average quarters isn't long and narrow unless it's purposely made as narrow as possible. Using single track instead of double has just as much effect in creating the illusion of a realistic main line as using a gauge half the size. Here may be the answer for those who like 0 gauge but have considered the smaller gauges to gain length of line.
The main line effect need not be lost in adopting single track. Cannot a one-track road be as well built, as carefully maintained, and as businesslike looking as a four-track road? In most parts of the country single track main lines, even on busy divisions, are far more common than double track. Some of the nation's fastest and most famous trains run over single track laid with heavy rail on carefully ballasted, well kept up right of way. And since the development of centralized traffic control many a marginal double track road is being converted into a money making single track.

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