Model Railroader Magazine 1938 July Plans for streamlined Pullman Cars

Model Railroader Magazine 1938 July Plans for streamlined Pullman Cars

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Model Railroader 1938 July
Table of Contents.
The Manhattan Beach Rlwy.___269
Interlocking Tower272
Models in New Limiteds274
Colortone Photo Section275
Third Rail (Boomer Pete)279
New Two-Rail Signal Circuit282
Simple Easement Curves284
Freight Car Lettering284
New M. U. Truck Drive284
Car Truck Plans285
Passenger Car Plans286
Building an Atlantic Loco288
Plans for IC 2-10-2 Locomotive293
Railway Post Office296
Trade Topics298
Along the Division (News)300
For Your Reading306

Interlocking Tower
Making Old Time Wood Frame Abandoned Tower With Boarded Up Windows. BY OLIVER WHITWELL WILSON.
IN the Eastern part of the United States there are hundreds of old time wooden interlocking towers still in use, and hundreds more abandoned. One of these towers, particularly with the windows boarded up, makes an excellent addition to a model railroad. I built one recently for the Union Connecting RR., which installed it at Mountain View.
The prototype was a wood cut reproduced in Railroad Magazine. Assuming a door height of 7'4", it was possible to make fairly accurate drawings. The original was built some time in the seventies and has the fretsaw architecture typical of that period. It was probably located on the Erie.
Following the same general construction ideas used in the article on the Cermak Road bridge (see p. 203, May, 1938, MODEL RAILROADER), this tower is built up out of various weights of artists' board, with wood framing, and using a sharp knife, a steel square, and gum arabic for gluing.
Each story, or floor, is constructed separately. The core of the walls is wallboard with wood inside corner reinforcement (see plans) . As will be noted, the upper, or operating, floor has chamfered corners. These should be cut or planed accurately.
Before assembling the first floor pieces, the door recess must be carefully cut out of the wallboard to the depth shown and the recessed surface made smooth and plumb.
The cornices are built up out of layers of varying thicknesses of cardboard, that manufactured by the Strathmore Co. being preferred, and glued together under pressure, held by pieces of wallboard which will fit snugly inside ' the vertical walls. Provision should be made for housing the center wood post around which the roof will be constructed.
In laying out the cornice pieces, accurate draftsmanship is required, and it will be noted that the edges of some layers are chamfered by rubbing a sandpaper block along them. The center wood post is both octagonal and round, as shown, above the roof, and square below. The wood rafters are housed into this post and are located at the hips. They are, therefore, a little longer than shown in the cross section detail. By carefully fitting one of them, the others can be duplicated from it. The top surface of the rafters must be chamfered slightly in order that the edges of the roof pieces may have a gluing surface.
When the rough core and roof framework has been well glued together, the finishing details can be added. For this, two- and three-ply regular (matte) finish Strathmore artists' board (or paper, as it is sometimes called) is required

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