Model Railroader Magazine 1938 December Block Signaling your road Boomer Pete

Model Railroader Magazine 1938 December Block Signaling your road Boomer Pete

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Model Railroader 1938  December   Edge is slit from the bottom up - about 1-2 inches
Block Signalling Your Road
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Use Photos or Observation to Supplement Plans.
INTO a hobby store walked a model rail with a recently completed box car, a prize piece of work. In came another model rail who looked the car over and promptly offered his expert opinion that the model was all wrong, simply wouldn't do, because it had an Ajax brake wheel and the original had another type. Whereat the builder, scorning useless words, pulled from his pocket the railroad company's erecting drawing, laid it out flat, and pointed to the Ajax wheel on the print.
All the more experienced model builders have heard stories like this many times over. But to newcomers such differences of opinion sometimes seem bewildering. From our correspondence we know that there is many a dark thought because the piping on a prototype drawing doesn't agree with the piping on a locomotive seen at the local station. We know that many a time plans for a model system are completely changed just because of the fancied rightness of some relatively insignificant detail. To all of which we repeat with emphasis our oft made assertion that you can do anything within reason on a model road and find prototype for it somewhere.
We don't want to get back on the outworn subject of freight locomotives on passenger trains and vice versa. We wish instead to extend the remark to equipment details. In the brake wheel story mentioned above, both men may have been right. Railroad companies often build a series of a thousand or so box cars with several different types of brake wheels, or even several different types of trucks.
Locomotives of the same series may include drive wheels varying by an inch or so in diameter. Special equipment varies a great deal on locomotives; for instance, No. 100 may have smoke deflectors, No. 101 may have none. No. 100 may have an Elesco feedwater heater plastered all over the front of the smokebox and the next loco in the series may have a Coffin feed-water heater all neatly out of sight.
The differences between new locomotives and cars of the same series are, however, very slight when compared with series that have been on the road for some years. A locomotive never stays the same through a shopping, and many a car acquires new and different parts, especially when repaired on foreign roads. Passenger cars are changed for air conditioning, rearrangement, or even are rebuilt completely for different service. We have in mind a series of parlor cars just recently emerged from the shops as branch line coaches, and some coaches that have had windows rearranged and now serve as combination coach-smoker-dormitory cars.

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