Model Railroader Magazine 1937 February Building a locomotive pt 3

Model Railroader Magazine 1937 February Building a locomotive pt 3

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Model Railroader 1937 February
A better understanding of the Model Trade's problems
The story of our magazine
Pennsylvania Model Railroad
History of model railroading
Block signal
Building a locomotive Part 3 Valve hanger, crossheads, mounting wheels, gears, etc
Side elevation and plan for 36 seat Santa Fe dining car,
Union Pacific Bagggae car, Central RR of NJ Steel suburban coach or combination car
three year index
Telautograph communication
what the whistle means
Crossovers and ladders
Central of New Jersey tanker

A Better Understanding of the Model Trade's Problems.
IT is customary in a model show number of a model magazine to editorialize eloquently on the advantages of annual model shows and on the improvements in models from year to year. You probably could write such an editorial as well as we could, so why waste the space? Instead, we're going to tell about a few of the troubles of the model railroad supply business in the hopes of bringing about a better understanding between buyer and seller.
You kick, I kick, we all kick about the manufacturers not putting this, that, or the other particular part or kit on the market. But did you ever stop to think what really unusual business model railroad manufacturing is? Putting a single model locomotive into production is a big financial proposition. There are drawings to make, dies to cut, patterns to build, jigs to make, special design features to work out.
As if it isn't a big enough job to get out one locomotive, look at what the customer wants. There are at least 100 popular prototype railroads in the United States, and each of these has an average of about 15 types of locomotive in everyday use. That's some 1500 locomotive prototypes, a rather staggering figure for an industry that, in the past at least, didn't sell that many model locos and kits in a year. And as if the variety of prototypes isn't bad enough, the model railroad business is divided up between several gauges and even more scales!
There are some items, like couplers, freight car trucks, and standard car parts that are sold in enough quantity to make them real production jobs, but the same can't be said for a large proportion of model supplies. And even when parts are put 'into production, the manufacturer often sees his die, jig, or machine investment wiped out almost at once because someone else duplicates it and there isn't enough market to do for both.
Once the problems of production are licked, the model railroader suppliers' troubles are not over. Overhead is unusually high. Selling ig a problem, because the market is so scattered. We believe that THE MODEL RAILROADER has contributed a great deal to solution of this phase of the problem by furnishing an advertising medium that reaches nearly all of this scattered market, and does it a cost very low in proportion to magazines in other fields having the same circulation. For instance, we haven't found a single magazine of comparable circulation, whether a trade journal, a specialty magazine, or what, that doesn't have advertising rates at least twice, and sometimes as much as ten times, as high. Yet our advertisers, by the very nature of their business, have been unable to pay higher rates and even unable to use the

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