Model Craftsman RMC 1937 February Streamlined trolley car SP Mountatin type Loco

Model Craftsman RMC 1937 February Streamlined trolley car SP Mountatin type Loco

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Model Craftsman RMC 1937 February Streamlined trolley car SP Mountatin type Loco
The Model Craftsman 1937 February  COVER IS loose
The Streamlined Trolley Car by Bert Mason  4
The "Monitor" by George Allenson ....7
An Old Threshing Engine by LaVerne D. Langworthy 11
Donkey Pumps by Axel Brekker  12
Getting to Work on That HO Road by Eric LaNal  13
A Hudson River Ice Yacht by Rene Gasparaux  14
The New Haven Flash Steamer by G. A. Olmstead  16
Designing and Drawing a Screw Propeller .... by George Jepson  20
The S. P. Mountain Type Locomotive by Elliott Donnelly  22
A Supercharger by Lucien Fournier .. .. 26
Why I Use Semaphore Signals  by Leon Stein  27
The New York Show  29
The Borysko Tailless  by Carl Schmaedig  30
Toolholders by George W. Burley ... 31
And They Call This Fun! by Walter K. Moss  35'
Chatter From the Rocking-Chair Fleet by C. 0. Brook  37
Order Boards by Paul Pick  38
00 Gauge Flat Car by E. B. Hansbury, Jr. ..41
The "Royal Blue" Contest  47
Circuit Breaker  by John Little Story ....51
A Fast Steaming Boiler  by D. D. Fischer  56
HO Gauge Layout Contest     59

Dividing in the Latheby J. J. Shaw  18
Soldering Aluminum  19
Parting Tool For Circular Work by C. C. Sutton  39
Ball Expansion Drive Stud  39
Fishermen's Windlasses  39
Flux For Brazing Cast Iron  43
A Square With Cylindrical Blade    46
Improved Scribing Block  by J. J. Fletcher  50
Written by Readers  3
What The Clubs Are Doing     32
The Roundhouse by G. A. Olmstead  33

The Dockyard by Edward E. Thorp ... 34
Good News     42

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