Model Craftsman RMC 1936 July Two track Wye Railroad ties Sand House Airplanes

Model Craftsman RMC 1936 July Two track Wye Railroad ties Sand House Airplanes

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Model Craftsman RMC 1936 July Two track Wye Railroad ties Sand House Airplanes
The Model Craftsman 1936 July
A Model Heaven by Howard J. Emerson ..4
The Model Airplane Comes of Age by Carl Schmaedeig ....6
Gas Models  7
Advice to the Toolworn by The Old Grouch  8
A 15 CC Gas Engine  by E. E. Thorp  10
A Two-track Wye by S. D. Ashford  12
Automatic Steam Engines by Angus McNabb  13
Tips on Soldering  by H. L. Vincent  14
A Large Order of Railroad Ties  by Rob't C. Frazier ....16
A Modelmaker's Collection of Junk by M. C. Smock, Jr. ...17
Automatic Two-way Block Control  by A. Barrus  18
The Queen Mary by Wm. Kramer, Jr. .... 20
Scenery for Your Model Railroad  by M. D. Thornburg ....22
A Wrecking Train-Part Two by Lawrence Doherty ... 24
A Narrow Gauge Locomotive  by Graham Anderson ... 26
Taps and Dies by Harold V. Loose ....28
00 Gauge Sand House  by E. B. Hansbury, Jr. ..34
Modelmaking Past and Present by W. Edmunds Spon ... 36
The Royal Blue  by G. A. Olmstead  39
Applying for a Patent by Carlton W. Campbell 43
Handy Sandpaper Block by Edw. J. Hartell  35
Tools from Old Files  by R. C. Frazier  35
Tailstock Depth Gauge by Jack Wheeler  42
Simple Lathe Indicator  by R. C. Frazier  42
Molding Cutter for Car Sides by G. B. Jervis  42
Helpful Tables    44
Resistance Units by Emil J. Novak  51
Lapping Holes by R. C. Frazier  52
Propellor Shaft Struts  by Jack Wheeler  56
Filling Holes in Castings  56
Removing Broken Drill Points  57
Using Broken Drills  by Jack Wheeler  58
Rubber Stopper for Cement  58
Tapping in Difficult Materials  59
Cleaning Solution For Brass  59
Written by Readers  3
The Roundhouse by G. A. Olms'ead  30
Your Camera by The Camera Man ... 31

The Dockyardby Edward E. Thorp ....32
What the Clubs Are Doing  33
Model Yachting by Graham Anderson ... 40

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