Model Craftsman RMC 1936 February The Royal Ble Interurban Car Signals

Model Craftsman RMC 1936 February The Royal Ble Interurban Car Signals

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Model Craftsman RMC 1936 February The Royal Ble Interurban Car Signals
The Model Craftsman 1936 February

Frontispiece-"The Royal Blue"  4
"The Royal Blue" by G. A. Olmstead  5
A Spanish Privateer by Arthur Barrett  9
Modern Candlesticks by Eric Gentl  10
A Lathe from Auto Parts by Harold V. Loose 11
How Gas Engines Work by Edward E. Thorp ...12
Wool-Gathering for Profit by John Magee, Jr.  14
An Air Compressor by Stanley L. Heylmun ..15
End Table and Bridge Lamp by Irving L. Saunders...17
An Interurban Car by Walter F. Druck . . . .19
Principles of Inherent Stability  by Frank Zaic and Associates  21
"Signals-and How" by Lawrence Doherty.... 22
Machining Locomotive Cylinders by Bernard J. Corey....25
A Small Series A. C. Motor by Robert C. Frazier...26
0-Steam Locomotive by John Lauder  28
Decorating Ship Models by B. G. Switzer 32
A De Luxe Cabinet  by J. W. Slosser 33
An Old 4-4-0 Locomotive  34
The Fireplace Fork by P. W. Loucks 38
Air Tight Containers by Emil J. Novak  39
Winding Evenly-Spaced Spring Coils by Emil J. Novak 41
A Centering Device by Max Ussher 41
A Marseilles Pilot Boat by Graham Anderson ...42
A Simple Tachometer by F. Bower  44
Flags for Shipmodels by B. G. Switzer 45
Drilling Keyways by Henry W. Walter.... 45
Casting Truck Frames by M. C. Smock, Jr.....46
The National Speed Boat Contest  46
Draft Gear for Model Railroads by C. L. Bandy, Jr.  47
A Tip on Grinding  by Harold V. Loose ... 52
Problems in Plastics by A. J. Lockrey 54
A Centering Tool by C. Drake  59
Dentists' Drills  59
Written by Readers  3
The Dockyard by Edward E. Thorp 30
What the Clubs are Doing  37
Tinplate Topics by The Service Man....39
Good News  40
The Roundhouse by G. A. Olmstead 41

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