Marshall Pass D&RG By Walter Borneman Denver & Rio Grande DJ SIGNED #269

Marshall Pass D&RG By Walter Borneman Denver & Rio Grande DJ SIGNED #269

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Marshall Pass D&RG By Walter Borneman Denver & Rio Grande DJ SIGNED #269
Marshall Pass D&RG By Walter Borneman Denver & Rio Grande Gateway to the Gunnison Country featuring the Dow Helmers Collection DUST JACKET 1980  160 Pages SIGNED & NUMBERED #269
Things that are meant to be seem to have a way of defying odds and falling into place. This is certainly the case of this book about Marshall Pass and how it has come into being.
While Dow was involved in numerous projects during his busy and productive life, and while he was able to follow to completion many of these projects, one major effort remained incomplete at the time of his death in 1976. For years, he spent endless hours researching old documents, collecting photographs, and photographing Marshall Pass. The completion of this project would have been the realization of his finest effort. As a result of those years of painstaking labor, he left behind boxes of notes, interviews, maps, and hundreds of photographs of this famed railroad pass.
Not wanting Dow's fine collection of material to be left incomplete and realizing that something should be done to preserve the fruits of his labors, I mentioned the collection to Leland Feitz, a publisher and long-time friend of Dow's. After reviewing the material, he also agreed that something must be done to preserve this valuable collection. With this decided, we set out to find answers to the many things that needed to be done. The most pressing and important was to find someone to complete the job.
Then fate played its hand!
During the spring of 1978, Al Dunton, a Fort Collins publisher-friend of Leland's, stopped in Colorado Springs for the night. The following morning, they met for an unscheduled breakfast. As talk turned to publishing, Al mentioned that he had a manuscript about Marshall Pass, written by a young Colorado author, Walter Borneman. The only things lacking were photographs and some "personal" history. At this point, Leland told him of Dow's collection of research, interviews, and photographs.
The following day, Leland telephoned me concerning his previous day's conversation and arranged to bring Walter Borneman to my home. I immediately felt that Walt was the right person for the project we had in mind. As a dedicated young historian and gifted writer, it was obvious that he had a deep feeling for the history of the area. But, more important to me, he had a deep sensitivity for Dow and his work as a railroad historian.
I would never have shared Dow's treasured photographs and research with just anyone, but I certainly had no reservations about sharing them with Walt and Leland who both expressed such a total commitment to a project so dear to Dow's heart.
We all share a feeling of dedication to this book and we know it will be a fitting memorial to the man who first dreamed it should be done.
I especially wish to offer my gratitude to Leland for his help in getting this, as well as Dow's other works, accomplished.

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