Managing Markets for Profit RSMA Soft Cover 1965 Railway Systems and Management

Managing Markets for Profit RSMA Soft Cover 1965 Railway Systems and Management

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Managing Markets for Profit RSMA Soft Cover 1965 Railway Systems and Management
Managing Markets for Profit RSMA Soft Cover 1965 Railway Systems and Management Association Approx 85 pages
In managing markets for profit, we in this railroad business are faced with one pressure after another in trying to find some way to bring a profit into our organization. As all of us know, our net ton per mile earnings go down each year. We have had to make rate reductions in order to compete with our competitors. We have had to find ways through larger cars, through unit trains, and more efficient operations to be able to transport tonnage at a lesser cost in order that we can hope to bring more clown to the bottom right-hand column.
I don't think the future is too bright when we see in the railroad industry certain recommendations of more recent Emergency Boards as to what we will have to pay for labor. In the face of the restrictions that are placed upon us in adjusting our rates upward and in view of competition by other modes, it is difficult to bring more money in the till to pay these increased costs in labor, as well as supplies and equipment.
To find out how other people do it who are just as competitive in their fields as we are in ours is something that we have waited much too long to do, and I wish to commend personally the leadership of this organization for recognizing it and exposing us to the type of program that we will be privileged to listen to and participate in during the next two days.
These gentlemen who will appear before you would be most happy if you would participate in the program and question them. They want you to. They want you to show your interest. Of course, they cannot possibly adapt their presentations to fit your particular problem, and they would like very much to have you ask questions at the conclusion of their presentations.
In trying to analyze where we are going in the railroad industry, we ofttimes find that even though we are doing more business in certain areas, we are making less money.
We have no corner on the market in that particular operation, I am told. Most every industry you talk to, including car builders, is faced with this problem. They are faced with the same thing in building these cars for the railroads so that they can make a profit and we can still buy the car. They are doing more business but the profits do not seem to hold up to the increase in volume.

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