Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana

Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana

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Lot of 3 books American Locomotives Iron Horses Collectors book of Railroadiana
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Collector's Book of Railroadiana by Stanley L. Baker and Virginia Brainard Kunz.  Photographs by Joan Larson Kelly     240 pages. Copyright 1976  

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For many, our celebrated romance with the railroad began with memories of the mournful wail of a steam whistle. And who among us has not waved at least once in his lifetime to the man at the throttle? Is it any wonder, then, that the great steam locomotives and the trains they pulled are larger than life, and the era they represent part of a past that cannot be recaptured? It is a past, however, that is being preserved today by historians, historic preservers, and over one hundred thousand collectors of railroadiana.

In The Collector's Book of Railroadiana, Stanley Baker, who has been collecting virtually everything related to railroading since early childhood and who today has one of the largest collections of railroad artifacts in the country, combines an engrossing history of the steam era with an account of what railroad memorabilia exist and why. With over 200 black-and-white photographs and 32 color plates, he documents early antique toy trains; beautiful examples of locomotive art, including rare paintings and photographs, Currier and Ives lithographs, posters, glass lantern slides and stereo view cards, sheet music, and greeting postcards; timetables, tickets, brochures, and maps; advertising items, such as trays, tobacco tins, calendars, signs, paperweights, and souvenir spoons; elegant sets of china, silverware, and glassware; as well as railroad hardware-lanterns, whistles, caps, watches, locks, and builders' name plates, which were affixed to the early locomotives.

In addition, Mr. Baker explains the values of the wide variety of railroad collectibles available; tells how to start your own collection; where to find and how to preserve, repair, and display railroad items; and how to learn what your collection represents. An appendix lists railroad museums by state, as well as railroadiana collecting organizations; and a bibliography of railroad books and periodicals is provided.  

Stanley L. Baker writes regularly for The Antique Trader on various aspects of railroad collecting and other antiques. He is currently writing a comprehensive price guide of railroad collectibles. He resides with his wife in Minneapolis. Virginia Brainard Kunz, who has written several books on antiques, is executive director of the Ramsey County Historical Society in St. Paul. Joan Larson Kelly, a photo journalist, is a project manager and a director of public information for Minnesota Landmarks, Inc., also in St. Paul.    HAWTHORN BOOKS, INC. Publishers

1 A Wave to the Engineer  History and Folklore of Our Country's Railroads
2 Everyone Made Money on the Railroad: Antique Toy Trains; Glass Trays; Candy Containers; Shaving Mugs; Occupational Steins; Tobacco Tins; Snuff Bottles; Paperweights; Souvenir Spoons; Cigarette Cards; Calendars; Stevens graphs; Primers and Dime Novels; Sheet Music; Movie and Circus; Posters; Postage Stamps; Greeting Postcards; Pocket Knives; Lantern Slides; Stereo View Cards
3 Here Comes the Train!    Railroad Guides; Textbooks; Cyclopedias; Woodcuts; Drawings; Engravings;Stock Certificates; Bonds; Currency; Builder's Locomotive Lithographs and Photographs; Currier & Ives Lithographs; Handbills; Pamphlets; Brochures; Railroad Calendars;  Photographs
4 Tickets, Please    Tourist Guides and Brochures; Passenger Timetables; Employee Timetables; Passes; Tickets; Postcards; Stamped Envelopes; Pictorial Envelopes; Playing Cards; Stationery; Maps.
5 Dinner Is Served     Dining Car Menus; China; Silver; Glassware; Cuspidors; Book Matches; Cigarette Lighters; Ashtrays; Games; Puzzles; Baggage Checks.
6 I've Been Working on the Railroad
THE INSIDE MEN   Builder's Locomotive Plates; Caps and Breast Badges; Uniform Buttons; Engineer Caps; Pocket Watches; Watch Fobs; Depot Clocks; Lanterns; Ticket Punches.
THE OUTSIDE MEN    Telegrapher's Keys and Sounders; Wire Insulators; Wax Sealers; Switch Locks and Keys; Oil, Kerosene, and Water Cans; Torches; Sledgehammers and Other Tools;  Date Nails; Commemorative Medals.
Railroad Museums--National Railway; Historical Society Chapters.
Bibliography and Suggested Reading Index

American Locomotives Steam Power 1900-1950

DUST JACKET, Bonanza Books, Copyright 1950.  256 pages  SPINE LABEL Item # 503 $4  Inscription and label on first blank page
American Locomotives; A Pictorial Record of Steam Power, 1900-1950 by EDWIN P. ALEXANDER.  Alexanders work shows locomotive development in chronology - from the rugged motive power designs of the early 1900s to the grace and beauty of modern steam in 1950.
Photos, diagrams and data on: 4-4-2 C&NW #1015; 4-4-2 ERIE #521; 4-6-2 C&O #1015; 2-6-2 LS&MS #695; 2-8-2 NP #1529, 0-6-6-0 B&O #2400; 4-6-2 CB&Q #2828; 2-8-0 CRI&P #1799; 2-6-6-2 AT&SF #3322; 4-6-2 NYC  #3406; 2-8-8-2 SP #4000; 2-10-4 T&P #600; 4-8-4 RF&P #553; 4-8-4 N&W #600; 4-8-8-4 C&O #500 plus many others.
117 illustration sets include profiles, builders photos and erection drawings, 125 plates; approximately 250 pgs.
Here is the pictorial history of American Railroad motive power as it developed from 1900-a continuation of the story began with Iron Horses.  From the first Atlantic and Prairie types, fifty years of progress are shown by well over 100 full page plates, together with descriptions and diagrams.  The locomotive illustrations have been carefully chosen to show milestones in improved designs and for photogenic interest.  Pictured are the engines of the early years of the century, the first Mallets, the firsts of many new designs, up through the decades to the 500 ton monsters which are gradually being supplanted by Diesels.  
Considering todays trends in motive power, this might be the swan song of the steam locomotive as most people know it.  Here are the outstanding representatives in locomotive development over the past half century gathered in one volume-a MUST for anyone interested in railroads.

Iron Horses American Locomotives 1829-1900 by E P Alexander HARD COVER  1941 BONANZA BOOKS 239 pages  Library stamp inside front cover, card inside back cover
What do such names as "Lightning," "Phantom," "Tiger," Highland Light," or "Nathaniel McKay" bring to mind? They might be the names of clipper ships, but these craft never sailed the seas; they made their journeys over iron rails, for they were the names of old "iron horses" back in the last century-the steam locomotives that played their part in the land transportation that opened up the country. This book is a pictorial story of the development of the American locomotive from the first engine to run on rails in 1829 down to the turn of the century.
Unquestionably there is something about a locomotive which is universally fascinating. Here for the first time is a book that does justice to the old locomotives-a representative collection of authentic prints and lithographs with case histories of the engines they depict that will delight readers of many tastes. The railroad enthusiast will find a veritable treasury of illustrations and information hitherto unpublished. Collectors of Americana will cherish these fine prints, occasional examples of which are highly prized but rarely found. The student of history can trace the railways' expansion through the locomotive's growth and development. And here are ideal prototypes for the model railroader.
The historical and romantic side of these picturesque old-timers has never made a stronger appeal than it does today. Despite all the efficiency of modern streamline equipment, the old engines of yesterday still arouse the greatest excitement. To do them justice pictorially, and preserve some of the colorful stories that surround their exploits is the signal contribution of this book.

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