Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson
Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson
Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson
Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson

Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson

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Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson
Locomotives of the Commonwealth Railway by Fluck, Marshall, Wilson
Soft Cover
Copyright 1972
68 pages
Authors' Notes 2
NMA class 40
Contents 3
NMB class 41
Historical Notes 6
NJAB steam coach 42
Numbering and Classification Systems 8
Sentinel steam coach 43
The Problem and The Solution 9
DE class44
D class 10
GM class
G and GA classes 11
NSU class 49
F class 14
MDH class 51
K and KA classes 15
NB class52
C class 18
DR class
CA and CN classes 21
NC class 54
L class 24
NT class 55
CL class 57
NA class
NJ class 60
NF class 28
N F A class 29
CB class (Budd) cars 61
NG class
NDH class cars 63
NM class
Leyland Titan car 65
NB class 35
Locomotive Cranes 66
NGA and NFC classes 36
Appendix 68
N FB class 38
Bibliography 68

The mainline diesel-electric locomotive has come of age! Twenty-one years have elapsed since GM 1 first made its mark upon the Trans-Australian Railway, and paved the way for rapid dieselisation of the Commonwealth Railways.
For more than thirty years the routes of the Commonwealth Railways had been worked by steam locomotives; it took less than six years to convert to full diesel operation. The effects of that change were dramatic; the economies of the change alone are spectacular, but the increased efficiency of the diesel-electric locomotive has made it possible for Commonwealth Railways to freely compete with other forms of transport and gain even more traffic.
This book is a tribute to the diesel locomotives that have made efficient operation possible; it is also a tribute to the hard worked steam locomotives of days bygone, but even more, it is a tribute to those men, the drivers, the firemen, and the maintenance staff, who kept those steam locomotives going under some of the most difficult conditions in Australia.
The object of the book has been to set out details showing the development of the Commonwealth Railways locomotive fleet, and to present both technical and historical information on each class. The reader will find that some details relating to steam locomotives have been omitted in places, while in others, two pieces of information may appear to be conflicting. This conflicting information occurs particularly with respect to the withdrawal dates of some steam locomotives. The official withdrawal dates are listed, but in some cases it is known that the particular locomotive was out of service before then, or alternatively, continued working for many years afterwards. Where definite evidence is available the situation has been clarified.
The task of presenting these details has been made difficult by two conditions. First; most official records of steam operations no longer exist, and second; the remoteness of the routes and the modest population in contact with them has caused a much lower level of photographic and personal recording than has been found with the State Government railway systems.
This book would not have been possible without the co-operation of the Commonwealth Railways Commissioner and officers of the Commonwealth Railways Mechanical Branch. The Railways Commissioners of New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania provided information about their locomotives, or designs,that have been used by Commonwealth Railways. Tulloch Ltd provided material on the NT class.
The following individuals provided information: M. Luke, K. Yates, H. Bowman, G. Williams, L. Noble, J. Norris, J. Goggs, N. J. Castle, D. Parsons, T. F. Chambers, and T. Richardson.
Mr C. R. Stewien assisted with publishing arrangements.
All photographs and diagrams are individually acknowledged.
A bibliography of principal sources appears on page 68.

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