Locomotive Rosters & News, The Official 1996-97 edition by James Kerr Soft Cover

Locomotive Rosters & News, The Official 1996-97 edition by James Kerr Soft Cover

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Locomotive Rosters & News, The Official 1996-97 edition by James Kerr Soft Cover
Late 1996 data with new 1997 orders, all major systems plus rental fleets.  850 rosters.  1996 to 1997 The Official Locomotive Rosters and News by James Kerr
COLUMN 1 Is the instant ID of locomotive by group numbers.
Exceptions or number notes follow the roster. COLUMN 2 Represents the actual total of units in group numbers.
COLUMN 3 Is the builder. The 2 major current builders are GE (General Electric) and GM (General Motors, both GM at London ON and Electro-Motive Division of GM at La Grange IL). Other builders are listed below with *indicating current builder.
*ABBASEA - Brown BoveriLIMALima Locomotive
ALCOAmerican Locomotive*MKMorrison Knudsen
*AMFTAMFT - GEC AlsthomMLWMontreal Loco Works
BALDBLH & B-W Baldwin*PLYMPlymouth Locomotive
BBDBombardierPORTPorter Locomotive
CLCCanadian Locomotive*REPRepublic Locomotive
DAVDavenport Locomotive*VMVPaducahbilt Ky
FMFairbanks-MorseVULCVulcan Locomotive
ICIllinois CentralWHITWhitcomb (Baldwin)
COLUMN 4 Represents the builders original models, except where major rebuilding/upgrading has occured, changing significantly the original model.
COLUMN 5 Is the original model horsepower, or the latest rerating. Variations from normal have been noted. STEAM locomotives shown by Whyte wheel arrangement. ELECTRIC locomotives shown by either horsepower or weight in tons or model.
COLUMN 6 Represents the original builders date or in the case of a major capital rebuild, the latter date because of the significant increase in locomotive life and valuation.
Almost all North American railroads, like most European railroads, are of Standard Gauge 4'-81" or 1435mm between the rails. The Narrow Gauge exceptions appear prominently after the railroad title.

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