Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga  of steam engines in Ameri DJ
Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga  of steam engines in Ameri DJ
Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga  of steam engines in Ameri DJ
Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga  of steam engines in Ameri DJ
Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga  of steam engines in Ameri DJ

Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga of steam engines in Ameri DJ

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Locomotive Engineer's Album By George Abdill saga of steam engines in Ameri DJ
A Locomotive Engineers Album By George Abdill The saga of steam engines in America. 1965  190 Pages
Within the pages of this book lie the pictorial story of the Iron Horse in North America, a stirring saga of railroading that goes hand in hand with the history and development of our nation.
Through the wonderful medium of the camera it has been possible to record the growth of the steam locomotive, from birth pangs to the peak of its existence, from the cradle to the grave. Come with a locomotive engineer and stroll through the scenes of yesteryear, through the shadowy roundhouses of history and out along the gleaming ribbons of silver that reached from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada to Mexico.
The illustrations in this album come from a wide variety of sources; from private collections generously shared, from the files of locomotive builders, the archives of national institutions, and from the historical records of various railroads. In selecting the photographs the author has endeavored to choose those that best tell the story of mechanical growth, including the primitive Iron Colts of the 1830's, the rapid advances to better and more efficient designs, and the crowning achievements of engine builders. Chapters have been devoted to exhibition power, displayed at a number of expositions, and to odd and unusual locomotives, to speed queens, freight hogs, and the humble switchers.
Brief histories of many early railroads have been included in the caption material, along with thumbnail sketches of some of the country's obscure pikes. The bulk of the material covers the era from the beginnings of steam railroading to the turn of the century, and special effort has been made to avoid duplicating any of the material in the author's four previous pictorial books on historic railroading.
A major portion of this volume is aimed at what has been termed the "nuts and bolts" segment of railroad enthusiasts, those whose interests lie primarily in the locomotive engine. While a number of the pictures reveal early cars, stations, bridges, and other adjuncts of American railroading, the majority of the illustrations depict the mechanical steed that has fascinated generations of American males. Many of the photographs portray locomotives fresh from the factory in those classic poses known as builder's photos, while others capture the Iron Horse in his habitat, spewing cinders, steam, and smoke over a colorful variety of scenery that embraces nearly every portion of the North American continent.
To the many who contributed pictures and information for this work, the author is truly grateful. Special thanks are due Mr. H. M. Charmley, long-time railroad machinist and a retired employee of the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, for his generous use of photos from the collection of the late W. A. Anderson; equal thanks are owing Mr. Herb Broadbelt for prints from the builder's negatives of the Baldwin Locomotive Works collection, and to Mr. John II. White, Jr., of the Smithsonian Institution.
The author is also grateful for the use of photographs or information from the following: Mr. Fred Jukes, Mr. Raymond B. Carneal, Dr. S. R. Wood, Phil Blackmarr, Bernard Corbin, Jack Slattery, Benjamin F. G. Kline, Jr., William Batman, A. F. Zimmerman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Lester L. Leavitt, Arthur Petersen, Franklin A. King, Roy D. Craves, Harold S. Walker, Beaumont Newhall of George Eastman House, and Chas. Fisher of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.
A special tribute is due to the late Henry C. Ritchie, Archivist for the Schenectady History Center, whose unstinting cooperation made possible the reproduction of the many photographs from the American Locomotive Works collection of glass plate negatives.
Others who have lent encouragement and aided in various ways include T. NV. Bernard, George Kirby, I. M. Dunn, L. E. Whetstine, D. L. Chase, David Chine, L. E. Davis, Don Roberts, Guy Dunscomb, David L. Stearns, E. U. Gogl, Don Bryans, and many others.
The author is indebted to President John Barriger of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, and to the public relations staffs of the many railroads who aided in this project, along with the Oregon Historical Society, the Douglas County Historical Society, and the Oregon Came Commission, and to Jay Golden and Edward Kenny for photographic work.
To those who have helped and have been overlooked in the foregoing list, my sincere apologies; I deeply appreciate all the many kindnesses extended to me.
Lastly, a loving thank you to my wife, Annette Abdill, whose tender care and inspiring confidence has made my journey over the rails of yesteryear a most pleasant one.

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