Little Jewel, The  by Wallace W. Abbey 1984 with Dust Jacket SOO Line Railroad

Little Jewel, The by Wallace W. Abbey 1984 with Dust Jacket SOO Line Railroad

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Little Jewel, The by Wallace W. Abbey 1984 with Dust Jacket SOO Line Railroad
The Little Jewel by Wallace W. Abbey 1984 with Dust Jacket 216 Pages Indexed
Soo Line Railroad and the Locomotives that Make it Go
"Soo Line! Well, that's a little jewel!" That's how someone critical to the life and times of Soo Line Railroad Company once characterized the Soo to securities analysts. How right he was! Merged, moneyed, modernized and motivated, the Soo was on its way to bigger things than its founders could have comprehended a century ago-or that its executives could have imagined a generation ago.
The Little Jewel, a contemporary examination of the Soo Line from a unique perspective, shows you the three railroads that were merged to make today's Soo. It carries you through the eventful years following the merger. It sends you off with an aggressive Soo into a hazy but promising future-all from aboard the Soo's locomotives.
This book is for railroad analysts, historians, railfans, and other locomotive-watchers unclassified by type. There's no better document on a Soo Line that, however bejeweled, isn't known as well as it should be.
Special advisory to locomotive fans: This is the all-time authoritative work on the Soo's diesels.
9Point of departure
101: The "old" Soo
192: Transition -but hardly automatic
263: Reluctantly, diesels arrive
374: Chocolate cake
495: Reluctantly, steam dies
596: Steam goes behind the fence
627: Poor cousin
708: The merger
769: The little jewel
9310: Old power for a "new" railroad
9711: Obituary for the passenger train
10112: The barnstormers
10813: The second Soo uprising
12114: How to restyle a locomotive fleet
13515: The banner falls at last
13916: Scenario for six motors
15617: The day the Soo stopped running
15918: Not even F's should last forever
17019: The new Soo revisited
18220: The way to Kansas City: I
18621: The way to Kansas City: II
19022: Point of arrival
19223: Specs for the ardent spotter
20724: The survivors
211Acknowledgements and credits

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