Lincoln Train Is Coming By Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski Soft Cover
Lincoln Train Is Coming By Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski Soft Cover

Lincoln Train Is Coming By Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski Soft Cover

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Lincoln Train Is Coming By Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski Soft Cover
The Lincoln Train Is Coming By Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski
36 pages
Soft Cover
Copyright 1995 FIRST edition

The Lincoln Train is Coming1865 Funeral Trip
The Lincoln Train is coming1995 model
The Presidential Car United States
The Locomotive Nashville
The Hearse and Horses
The Coffin and the Figures
About the Model Makers
"The Lincoln Train is coming!" is the phrase people repeated in 1865 all along the 1666-mile rail route of Abraham Lincoln's final journey from Washington, DC to Springfield, IL. A lead engine preceded the funeral train by ten minutes to clear the tracks and announce the impending arrival of the train. Without motion pictures or television the only way citizens could get even a glimpse of the train bearing the President's body was to actually come trackside and that they did. Family stories of the experiences of great grandparents waiting for the passing of the funeral train, often in the rain and often at night are common. They knew they were witnessing a momentous historical event. We have endeavored to recapture part of that moment in history in our scale model exhibit.

The Lincoln Train
is Coming...The 1865 Funeral Trip
The assassin's bullet that ended the life of the 16th President of the United States also began one of the epic railroad journeys in history--the Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train. The North had barely begun the jubilant celebration of Lee's surrender and the end of the vicious Civil War when its soul was wrenched again with the killing of President Lincoln. The mourning of the entire nation was centered on a 1666-mile journey of a slow-moving funeral train. Leaving Washington on April 21, 1865 it would not reach Springfield, Illinois for fourteen days, moving through most of the major northern cities. At Washington, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago and Springfield the train stopped, the coffin was removed and huge formal processions would bring Lincoln's body to state capitols and city halls. There, for hours, thousands of sullen, often weeping, citizens would file by for one last glimpse of the open coffin and the fallen hero they most likely had never seen in life. The crowds, often twelve abreast, would move all night long with great dignity past the bier.
Since there was no mass media to deliver instant coverage the only way for the average citizen to participate was to come trackside and they did, by the millions. Charles King, a cadet at West Point Military Academy wrote of his experience as the train came up the Hudson River valley, " A few days later we formed lines parallel with the railway over at Garrisons and with our drums and colors draped in black, stood at the present, as the day was dying and a long funeral train rolled slowly by. On the platforms, and at the car windows, were generals famous in song and story, but we had eyes for only that solemn pile on which was laid all that was mortal of him who had become immortal, whose works and whose wisdom gain in worth and power with every added year, the inspiration of a reunited people so long as the flag shall float and the nation live."

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