Lehigh Valley 2 In Color by Robert J. Yanosey 1991 128 Pages 3 hole punched

Lehigh Valley 2 In Color by Robert J. Yanosey 1991 128 Pages 3 hole punched

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Lehigh Valley 2 In Color by Robert J. Yanosey 1991 128 Pages 3 hole punched
Lehigh Valley 2 In Color by Robert J. Yanosey 1991 128 Pages Unbound
This book is an unbound version of the Lehigh Valley 2 In Color. The book is oddly printed into 8 different sections (see photos)! There are also binder ring holes in the edges for easy storage.
In our first effort on the LVRR, LEHIGH VALLEY In Color published in 1989, we strove to present this railroad as most contemporary railfans remembered it. This was the colorful period of yellow jacket 420's, snowbird C628's, and numerous shades of red that embellished Valley diesels during the late sixties until the end of the line in 1976.
Aware that this was by no means the only significant chapter in the life and times of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, we began in 1990 to assemble color photos of other, earlier aspects. Within the restraints of what could actually exist in color photography on the LVRR, we established a color slide "want list" from the post WWII era. Eventually the list was boiled down to five "definite wants" and a lot of "we'll take 'em if we find 'ems." The definites:
--, 1) Valley passenger service. Once described as The Handsomest Trains in the World, by the fifties the Valley might not have the best behind the engine, but what was up front certainly made up for the old coaches: the incomparable Alco PA, fourteen of which had handled all LV mainline service since 1948.
2) Valley steam. Finding this would be very difficult since by 1951 it was all gone. It should be remembered that good stable color film was still in its infancy at the time and less and less steam was left after 1949.
3) Valley's diesel pioneers. A high hood Alco switcher, Baldwin VO's, something in the extremely rare pre-war paint scheme which had all but disappeared by 1950, and a shot of one of the elusive Valley FT's that were kept hidden in the mountains outside Coxton, were high on this list. The two RDC's and more numerous gas-electrics were also among the missing in the first book.

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