L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary

L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary

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L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 1945-1985 by Ron Flanary
Louisville & Nashville
Hard Cover
Copyright 1999
192 pages
Dedication 5
CV Division Map8
Chapter One: A Capsule History 10
Chapter Two: The Power and the Glory13
Chapter Three: Passengers, Mail and Express27
Chapter Four: The Best Engines We Ever Had: RS3s33
Chapter Five: Tidewater Connections41
Chapter Six: Appalachia: No Place Like Home50
Chapter Seven: Roaring Branch68
Chapter Eight: Pennington (But No Gap Please)74
Chapter Nine: The Hagans Switchback81
Chapter Ten: The Mule Train90
Chapter Eleven: Loyall, Baxter and Harlan96
Chapter Twelve: Big Alcos on Poor Fork115
Chapter Thirteen: Loyall Varilla Mine Run123
Chapter Fourteen: The "Old CV" 129
Chapter Fifteen: The Big Show: Corbin134
Chapter Sixteen: Out on the Road156
Chapter Seventeen: The "Good Old Days" Recalled180

Let there be no mistake-this is a "picture" book. It is not an attempt to chronicle the history of a single division of a single railroad, particularly since its place in the annals of railroad history probably doesn't merit that much attention. It's also very personal, which explains why it is often written in the first person.
For those who claim to have an interest in railroading, whether it be as an historian or photographer, or just in casual curiosity, there's always the "home town road." In youthful ignorance, we came to believe "our" railroad was the ultimate transportation system on the globe. No less allegiance would you find than to the home town football team. The Louisville & Nashville's Cumberland Valley Division was my railroad.
As a teenager, I roamed the rails of the CV incessantly, attempting to capture the railroad on black & white film. My camera equipment was five and dime store-primitive. Some of the earliest shots in this volume were made with a Kodak Brownie (the later plastic version-"high tech" for the point and shoot crowd). By late 1963, I graduated to a borrowed Kodak 35mm, and later a semi-automatic Argus that gave very unpredictable results. In search of something better, I coerced my grandparents into getting a Yashica Electro 35 for my 1967 Christmas present. This viewfinder version still had limitations, but was more technology than my meager abilities could master. Eventually I moved up to more sophisticated camera equipment in the 1970s.
Don't expect any knock-your-socks-off telephoto or wide-angle shots. Most of the scenes in this book were made with a "normal" lens. I don't offer that as an apology, but as an explanation. When I chose the term "album" to describe this book, that's exactly what it is. Albums tend to be highly personalized collections of images that impart a special meaning to the owner.
But albums are also to be shared with friends, and that's what this book is really about. I believe most of these images will be new scenes for the majority of readers. You see, railfan photographers in CV territory during the `60s were as rare as E-units on the Martin's Fork Branch. The next decade would draw the attention of more "out of town" photographers, but during all my years of snapshots along the CV's rails, I can't recall seeing very many other folks (there were a few other photographer though, and some of their work can be fount herein). I suspect active and retired L&Ners wil find something in here that kindles a font memory. I've found a large contingent of modelers who want to replicate the L&N's eastern Kentucky operations in miniature. Perhaps few scenes in this book will answer the questions they have and further stimulate their imagination.

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