Keystone Chronicles #1 2001 April How the centipedes lost their A's and B's

Keystone Chronicles #1 2001 April How the centipedes lost their A's and B's

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Keystone Chronicles #1 2001 April How the centipedes lost their A's and B's
Keystone Chronicles 2001 April How the centipedes lost their A's and B's Lewistown incident, A bad day on the Buckeye (and elsewhere), The leaning car of 575, PRR #4179 switcher photo, PRR #4300 loco photo, X29 40' box car #54565 photo, Class N-8 Cabin Car #478120 photo.    17 pages
This year, the Philadelphia Chapter of the PRRT&HS marks its twenty-fifth anniversary. During those twenty five years the Pennsylvania Railroad's history has been documented and recalled by numerous historians and knowledgeable amateurs. Some of them had been employees of the "Standard Railroad of the World" who provided first-hand accounts and impressions of their railroad careers. It is now thirty-three years since the PRR passed from existence (though not from memory), and the ranks of PRR veteran members of the Society have dwindled. Inevitably, this trend will continue, but at this time there are approximately 150 ex-PRR employees who are members of the Philadelphia Chapter.
In October of 2000 we wrote to all of the PRR veteran members of the Philadelphia Chapter and asked them to recall and write brief accounts of memorable incidents from the days of their employment for us to put into print. This effort is intended to complement the more extensive biographical oral histories that have been assembled by the Chapter and National organizations. The PRR's history before the 1940s must be drawn from personal and corporate archives and museum collections and this period has been well handled by the Society. Most, if not all of us who are ex-employees, however, date our service from no earlier than the 1930s and later, and there is a great wealth of PRR history within those years. We have a lot to tell about our service that will never be known unless we make some effort to record our experiences. This sort of record is not available for the earlier years and will not be obtainable for our vintage for too much longer.
With this effort, we hope to provide short accounts of memorable events in the working lives of ERR employees to relate to those members who did not have the benefit of employment by the PRR or had not even been born when we were working for the "Standard Railroad of the World". Most of us, despite our good intentions, will never set down our complete autobiographies, but many of us have the opportunity and inclination to write a few paragraphs or a page or two, from time to time, to relate a memorable experience or interesting anecdote from the days of our PRR service such as a special train, a derailment or the day someone put our tools in the scrap car.
The response to our request has been reasonably good, and we know of several individuals who are still in the process of compiling their stories. Several respondents noted that they had previously submitted articles of this type to the "Keystone" and "Highline" but had not yet seen their efforts in print. We understand that these articles are in good hands and that they will be published in the future. We make no attempt to compete with or offset, in any way, the work of the staffs of those fine publications (nor do we have the energy or wherewithal to do so). Rather, we merely want to provide another outlet for the experiences of those who are willing to tell us of incidents from their PRR careers.

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