Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages

Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages

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Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
Index to Model Periodicals 1976 by Pail Cardwell Jr Soft Cover 232 pages
After some delay, first while trying to find a sympathetic publisher, then in trying to find technology capable of handling more than one or two languages at the same time, the second volume of the Index to Model Periodicals has been completed. It is hoped that this series will continue, publishing the immediately-past year and at least one from the 1977-1985 gap during each year until the gap is eliminated.
In addition to this new annual frequency, there are three other notable changes from the large 1971-1975 Index of the first volume. First, the twenty-five titles from three countries have expanded to sixty-seven titles from ten countries. Second, they are no longer limited to the English language, but now include Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, and Japanese, with further expansion in the future. Third, the number of gaps because of unavailable copies has been reduced to fourteen. The gaps are listed on page 7.
As before, any model magazine (even those only secondarily or tertiarily modeling oriented) qualifies for inclusion in the Index if it meets three criteria: (1) it must be available, through either subscription or membership in an open organization, to any modeler with the requisite fee; (2) it must include in every issue scale drawings, color schemes, technique articles, or product reviews of direct use to modelers (excepting those which may devote a single issue per year to covering a major contest or similar event); and (3) it must strive for accuracy in its coverage. In this regard, the use of "cor" (for correction) in the Index reference is not a pejorative term but merely documents the magazine's committment to accuracy. Since human error and honest difference of opinion will insure the need for this, any magazine which does not have corrections is suspect.
All reputable magazines are welcome and will be included in future volumes in exchange for a complimentary subscription. Any publisher desiring to insure inclusion by providing copies of a full year, from 1977 onwards should please write to the author at 111 E. 5th, Bonham, TX 75418, U.S.A.
Becauses of their limited usefulness and because this Index must be kept to a manageable size, the following items or categories in magazines covered have not been indexed:
(1) House organ material. The internal workings of organizations are of vital concern to those in the organization, but seldom any concern of those outside.
(2) Coverage of contests, exhibitions, military exercises, rallies, etc. Coverage of most major modeling events is generally published three or four months after the event, while prototype activities are covered (if at all) one to two years after. However, articles on how these are organized and/or run (rather than just what was shown there) are included.
(3) Notice of new products not in the nature of a review. There are too many and the indexing would be almost the same as copying the magazine.
(4) Reviews of magazines. Because of the time-lag between the publication of the review and the publication of the next volume of this Index, these will be too outdated to be of value since magazines change over the years far more than other products. In fact, between the time of publication and of indexing, many of the magazines indexed here have changed or even disappeared. The major changes are noted in the descriptions of each magazine which follows, but changes of emphasis are both constant and more subtle and this is not noted.
(6) Editorials. Editorials should speak to a matter of immediate concern and therefore will become dated by the lead-time. If not, they will be considered an article regardless of the label and will be indexed accordingly.
(6) Regular columns which cover or touch on a number of items, or articles or pages of collected miscellaneous tips and hints on a wide variety of subjects. Occasionally some items will have enough significance to be extracted, and these will be indexed as articles.
(7) Plans which do not include enough information for an expert modeler to build a model. The borderline here is in drawings of flying models which take up about two or three column inches. If the airfoil and basis structure is included, they are indexed with the notation "sp" (small plan); if not, they are omitted.
(S) Letters to the editor unless offering corrections or additions to previously published articles, or other generally useful information. The criterion here is: if it were in the main text of the publication, would it be considered an article or a filler?
(9) Requests for information unless accompanied by an answer of sufficient scope to have otherwise warranted indexing.
(10) Photographs. There are two problems here: first, the problem of identifying accurately the large number of uncaptioned photos in model magazines; second, that of space (and thus the cost of this Index). An index of photos would be about equal in size to this Index. Anyone capable of the task is welcome to it. Photo-essays of at least one full page, covering one specific subject, are indexed and photos accompanying scale drawings or similar modeling articles are noted in the drawing reference.
(11) Ads. There is an exception which occurs once or twice a year in which something in the ad is worth indexing for general use, in which case it is treated like any other article.
(12) Reviews of already assembled die-cast cars, painted figures, and similar items directed at the collector rather than modeler. Again, it is a matter of space.
Three categories excluded from the first volume are included in this and subsequent Indexes: decal reviews, book reviews of works of fiction, arid wargame rule books.

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