Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover
Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover
Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover
Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover

Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover

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Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter California Soft Cover
Images of Rail Ocean Shore Railroad By Chris Hunter
127 Pages Softcover

1.A Coastside Dream
2.Starting in San Francisco
3.The Earthquake Catastrophe
4.Digging In and Devil's Slide
5.Commuting along the Coastside
6.Trains Lose Out to Automobiles
7.No More Ocean Shore . . . Railroad, That Is
8.The Modelers Revive the Memory The Mystery of the Pedro Point Tunnel

There ought to be a song about the Ocean Shore Railroad. There should be a way to remember the near-mythic effort nearly 100 years ago to link the San Francisco peninsula's coastal areas to the twin cities of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, while in the process creating brand new cities.
The Ocean Shore Railroad didn't really work, and its effect on California is more conceptual, perhaps philosophical, than material, but the notion of it, linked to its short historical duration, deserves a song. It wasn't a catastrophe, like the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," but it certainly should enjoy something in the spirit of a cross between "The City of New Orleans" and "Chattanooga Choo Choo."
The Ocean Shore Railroad adventure took place a century ago, but the unique images that bring back its memory are timeless. Perhaps that is because the cliffs and the ocean have hardly changed at all along the San Mateo County coast; only the growth of residential areas in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica has altered the landscape. The open land south to Santa Cruz looks much as it did when the Ocean Shore tracks paralleled the shore.
The Ocean Shore Railroad had a life span of less than two decades, beginning in 1905 and ending in 1920. Those dates themselves are suspect, since they encompass the entire life of the actual railroad, from its birth as the Ocean Shore Railway to its death as the Ocean Shore Railroad. In truth, it was a working railroad for only a few of those years, the rest being consumed in construction, legal problems, and destruction.
And it only made money a few of the years it was in operation. However, from the moment investors imagined reaping huge profits from a railroad intended as a commuter's special, hauling passengers to and from the freshly minted suburbs serving San Francisco, to the day the tracks were torn up and sold as scrap metal, the dream never died. Only the reality of its own time and plate, mixed with the progress and domination of the inexorable importance of the automobile, cut short its life.
But that dream . . . Even today people smile when they learn about the Ocean Shore Railroad. It wasn't a history-changing railroad with a golden spike meeting in the middle of the continent. It wasn't a transportation legend that opened up the West or the North or the South. It wasn't the tourist trains of Henry Flagler that brought prosperity and people to south Florida.
No, the Ocean Shore Railroad offers something different than almost all other train stories. It has been called a magnificent failure, an idea before its time, and an amazingly foolhardy undertaking. It could inspire a terrific song, but the pictures in this book will have to do for now.
With one of the world's most scenic backdrops as a brilliant seascape for passengers, the Ocean Shore Railroad skirted northern California's coastline to service communities south of San Francisco for the first two decades of the 20th century. As impressive as it was idealistic, the line was held prisoner by natural forces that eventually took too much of a toll to keep its striking route churning. Today's Highway 1 traces the passage once paved with tracks, and points to the few remnants of one of California's most well-known excursion lines.
Author Chris Hunter, editor and publisher of the Pacifica Tribune, examines the legendary Ocean Shore Railroad with compelling historic images that will bring its brief history back to the forefront for enthusiasts. Delving into sections such as Devil's Slide and the 1906 earthquake, this chronicle paints a vivid picture of the romance the line conveyed as well as the struggle it endured along the western edge of a growing nation.

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