Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald Soft Cover
Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald Soft Cover
Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald Soft Cover

Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald Soft Cover

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Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald Soft Cover
Images of America Railways And Waterways By Bruce D. Heald, Ph.D.
Softcover 127 pages
I.The Pemigewasset Valley
2.The Valley of the Ammonoosuc
3.The Presidential Range
4.The Saco Valley
5.The Carter Range and Pinkham Notch
6.Mt. Chocorua and the Sandwich Mountain Range
New Hampshire is a state reclining with its head pillowed on high mountains and its feet washed in its many waterways-the majestic White Mountains.
The charm of the White Mountains is its infinite variety of scenery, inexhaustible in its resources and unlimited in its manifold combinations. Each of the villages and glens command the magnificent aspects of the many ranges. Every mile of approach opens a new series of prospects, each of which has its own peculiar attractiveness, and reveals the natural grandeur of its landscape.
The element of color in this region appears in manifold variety and brilliance, not only with the seasons but with the changing hours of the day. The different lithological formations of the mountain ranges also call forth admiration in their scenic beauty; the brilliant hues of the Presidential Range contrasting with the unbroken blackness of Sandwich Dome and the blanched crests of Whiteface and Chocorua. They all give rise to the most magnificent display of color when the early frost of autumn and the full ripening of their leaves combine to produce the matchless pageantry of gold, scarlet, and tan in which the highlands are arrayed. In respect to the lakes and mountain streams, scattered through the glens and reflecting the storm-beaten peaks above, they too bring alive the pulse of our forest via the navigable Pemigewasset, Saco, and Ammonoosuc, with its pure water within sight of their highest crests.
Reminisce for a moment when railroad was king of transportation during the late 1800s, as if we were on the Ogdensburgh Railroad traveling from the Conways through a picturesque Saco River Valley and Crawford Notch, or the Boston & Maine Railroad up the stately, pastoral Pemigewasset Valley to Franconia Notch, or maybe over the highlands along the Ammonoosuc River to Fabyan's and the base of the Presidential; all views rendered a magnificent vista of conspicuous summits, and undaunted lakes and rivers.
There is a special gift of wonderment as we witness the harvest of 112,000 acres of designated wilderness. The forest itself encompasses nearly 800,000 acres of landscape ranging from hardwood forest to the largest alpine area east of the Rocky Mountains and south of Canada.
This beautiful National Forest was established in 1911 to provide resources for the nation while also protecting and managing the land for future generations. Here in the White Mountains we may enjoy not only its seasonal beauty, but its winter skiing, summer hiking, camping, and water activities with the entire family.
Through this rare photographic journey, I have attempted to capture some brief moments of the romance, charm, and nostalgia of the character of the mountains, rivers, and lakes so as to preserve in print the spirit and majesty of the White Mountains and its waterways by rail.

The White Mountains and the area's many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls have long been an attraction for thousands of visitors to this most scenic mountain area in all of New England. In Railways and Waterways of the White Mountains, you will explore the wonders of the many historic bodies of water that have drawn visitors and settlers to the North Country for hundreds of years, offering a beautiful landscape and a wealth of natural abundance.
Railways and Waterways of the White Mountains represents the history of the early railroads through the many villages and natural landscapes of the Notches. As you leaf through the pages within, you will witness the appeal and charm of the White Mountains in their infinite variety of scenery, inexhaustible in their resources and unlimited in their manifold combinations. During our reminiscent journey, you will travel up the Pemigewasset, Saco, and Ammonoosuc Rivers, and experience the brilliant landscape of the Franconia, Pinkham, and Crawford Notches via the early steam railroads of the late 1800s.

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