Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O Slip Cover
Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O Slip Cover
Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O Slip Cover

Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O Slip Cover

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Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O Slip Cover
Illustrated History of the American Railroad 3 volume set NYC PRR B&O

The History Of The Baltimore And Ohio By Timothy Jacobs Dust Jacket Copyright 1989    128 Pages
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was the first common carrier chartered in the U, and the first to construct tracks specifically for the purpose of transporting passengers and freight. Endowed with an enviable list of 'firsts,' the story of the B&O is emblematic of all that is revered in American railroading.
When the B&O merged with the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Western Maryland railroads on 4 February 1963, yet another dramatic chapter of this quintessentially American story was begun.
The history of this great railroad is a national treasure and a monument to the growth of the nation itself. Truly, the B&O grew up with the United States-from the 'first stone laid' for the railroad on 4July 1828, to the B&O's, and the nation's, coming of age in the twentieth century. And, just as America braces itself afresh to face the problems of a new, bold century, the B&O. too, lives on-as a vital component of today's CSX Corporation, one of the healthiest and most forward-looking transport and communications organizations in the world today.

History of the New York Central System   by Aaron E. Klein DUST JACKET, copyright 1985 Bison Books Bonanza Books  With more than 100 illustrations!   128 pages indexed
New York Central tells the story of an amazingly long-lived and vigorous railroad that grew from 16 miles of track between the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers into a far flung network that stretched as far west as Chicago.  Along its shining rails raced the Twentieth Century Limited -- the train that became a byword for speed and luxury and raised rail travel to new stature in American transportation history.  The rich and famous strolled down the Century's red carpet to enjoy every amenity that the New York Central could provide, including fresh sole and strawberries for breakfast, valets, barbers and boutonnieres. But it is also the story of the frantic mergers and consolidations of the late nineteenth century, the cut-throat competition between  the great railroad barons, the disastrous wrecks of the railroad's early days, and the historic distrust between the state capital of Albany and New York City, a law unto itself.  Nevertheless, despite the roadblocks posed by venal politicians, and fierce competition from both the Erie Canal and the state turnpike, the New York Central flourished for well over a century -- until the decline that lead to its merger with the equally troubled Pennsylvania Railroad in 1968.  
Profusely illustrated with rare and colorful photographs, New York Central is a valuable addition to history of America's romance with its railroads.
Table of Contents:
George Featherstonaughs grand idea, Erastus Cornings Fiefdom, the Vanderbilts take the throttle, running a railroad, the twentieth century, decline, mergers & Collapse.  

The History Of The Pennsylvania Railroad By Timothy Jacobs Dust Jacket Copyright 1988   128 Pages
Comprising over 10.000 miles of operated track at its height, the Pennsy was the largest railroad in the world for much of its 121-year lifespan, absorbing more than 600 other railroads as it grew. It hauled more freight and passengers than any other railroad in the world. The Keystone road's four-tracked thoroughfares of steel gleamed like envy in the eyes of its competitors, as the Pennsy's huge freight locomotives rolled by in seemingly endless succession with their long trains of groaning cars behind them. The K4 Pacific was the essential Pennsy passenger locomotive, thundering across the East in glistening Brunswick green at the head of many a long line of Tuscan red passenger cars. From the luxury of the Pennsy's famous Broadway Limited to the unbelievable expanse of the huge freight yard at Enola, the Pennsy was overwhelming in the size and quantity of its physical assets.
With the construction of the palace-like Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan just after the turn of the century, it must have seemed that the Pennsy would last forever. Sadly, it fell prey to the problems facing so many railroads in the post-war years. But the memory of this great institution will linger for many years to come. This lavishly illustrated book tells its story.

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