HO Scale Model Railroad Layouts of the Masters by Robert Schleicher SC 1995

HO Scale Model Railroad Layouts of the Masters by Robert Schleicher SC 1995

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HO Scale Model Railroad Layouts of the Masters by Robert Schleicher SC 1995
HO Scale Model Railroad Layouts of the Masters by Robert Schleicher SC 1995
Soft Cover
Copyright 1995
By Robert Schleicher
107 Pages
This is a very select group of I l layouts, select in several ways. The layouts differ in size from 2x6 to 40x120 feet, but all have important fundamental themes in common.
First, each of these layouts is realistic. They look like real railroads. You'll find it extremely difficult to spot your "favorite" model locomotive or freight car or structure on any of them. Surprised? No one real railroad used all your favorite models. The builders of these model railroads selected only equipment that would appear on their favorite real railroad.
All the locomotives and rolling stock look "used" on each of these railroads. The equipment has been deliberately weathered with thinned down washes of paint and powdered pastel chalks to look used ... because that's the way real railroads look.
The scenery on these layouts is also a copy of the real world. The shapes, colors and textures match those of the environment where the real railroads that are being modeled operate.
What you cannot see is how these railroads run. The locomotives start smoothly and accelerate as steadily as real ones. The trains are made up of specific cars carrying freight (that is usually simulated - with pre-printed bill of lading) to specific places that may or may not be on the layout. Real freight going to real places.
You do catch a theme here, right? These are not your common around-theChristmas tree or 4x8-foot train sets. There's more reality than imagination. That's the "secret" of each and every one of these layouts. They look real because they are real. They're just 1/87 the size of the conventional world.

4 Pennsylvania Railroad Harrisburg to Buffalo
Ken McCorry's 31x79-foot double-deck masterpiece
14 New England, Berkshire & Western Railroad
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's 40x 120-foot recreation of the Delaware & Hudson and Rutland Railroads
25 Soo Line, Minneapois to St. Paul
Bob Rivard has the Soo Line in his basement, scene by scene, car-by-car, locomotive by locomotive
35 Utah-Colorado Western Railroad
Lee Nicholas' 30x33-foot mountain mainline through Colorado and Utah
44 Santa Cruz Northern Railroad
Jim Providenza's 20x20-foot Western Pacific Railroad mainline
51 The Piedmont Division
Howard Zane's 26x26-foot mainline is shared by pennsy, Western Maryland, Eire, B&O and C&O motive power
64 Hoosac Valley Railroad
Dick El'well's railroad links Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and Whitehall, New York
73 York Haven Railroad
John Klotz's 25x35-foot mainline connects Hagerstown, Maryland, with Silvernails, New York
79 John Galt Lines
Al Westerfield's 27x42-foot empire, inspired by John Allen
89 New York Central Railroad, West Side Freight Line
Ron Parisi's 2x6-foot module recreates the industries along the Hudson River in Manhattan
96 Midwest Mod-U-Trak
A modular layout that recreates mainline operations in the Chicago suburbs

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