History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
History of The Great Riots, The  by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read

History of The Great Riots, The by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read

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History of The Great Riots, The by Edward W Martin Ex Lib Book B&O PRR Read
The History of The Great Riots by Edward Winslow Martin
Hard Cover Ex-Library Book
516 pages
Copyright 1877 ??
Cause of the Strike on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad-The Troubles begin at Baltimore-The Trainmen Stop Work-Spread of the Trouble along the Road-The Strike begun at Martinsburg-The Trains Stopped-The Civil Authorities defied-The Company appeal to the Governor of West Virginia-Arrival of Troops at Martinsburg-The First Shot-Failure of the Militia to accomplish anything-Colonel Delaplaine reaches Martinsburg-Governor Mathews calls upon the United States for Aid-The President's Proclamation-Regular Troops sent to Martinsburg-Firmness of Captain Miller-Arrest of Strikers-The Wheeling Troops hold their Prisoners-Arrival of the Regulars at Martinsburg-General French's Warning to the Mob-The Regulars open the Road-Troubles at Keyser and Grafton-Attack on Governor Mathews-The Strike at Cumberland-Quarrel between General French and the Railroad Officials-General Getty in Command-The Last Gasp of the Strike-Answer of the Railroad Company  17
The Strike at Cumberland-The City appeals to the State for Aid-The Fifth Maryland ordered to Cumberland-Proclamation of Governor Carroll-The Troops Summoned-Excitement in Baltimore-Sounding the Military Call-The Troops march out-Attack on the 5th Regiment-Firmness of the Troops-Assembling of the 6th Regiment-The Mob Attack the Armory-The Regiment marches out-The Battle in the Streets -The Regiment reaches the Depot-Attack on the Depot by the Mob-Destruction of Railroad Property-The Depot Fired-The Mob Driven Back and the Flames Extinguished-Governor Carroll Calls on the President of the United States for Assistance-Troops ordered to Baltimore-General Hancock in Command-The President's Proclamation-The Mob Defeated by the Police-A Night of Terror-Thrilling Scenes in Baltimore -Arrival of General Hancock and the Regulars-The Mob Cowed-The Troubles Come to an End-The Miners' Strike in Western Maryland-Trouble on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal-It is Put Down..  50
Cause of the Outbreak-The Strike Begun on the Pennsylvania Railroad-The Civil Authorities Defied-The Sheriff calls on the Governor for Aid-The Sixth Division Ordered under Arms-Proclamation of the Governor -Spread of the Strike-Trains Stopped-The Military on the Ground-The Sheriff's Appeal-Speech of General Pearson to the Rioters-Strike on the Fort Wayne Road-Colonel Scott in Philadelphia-Return of the Mayor-Precautions of the City Authorities-The Philadelphia Troops Called out-Departure of the First Division for Pittsburgh-Arrival of the Troops at Pittsburgh-The First Division March to the Outer Depot-The Mob Attack the Troops-The Troops fire, upon the Rioters-Disgraceful Conduct of the Pittsburgh Troops-Retreat of the first Division to the Round House-Fury of the Mob-Gun Stores Sacked-Attack of the Rioters on the Round House-The Fatal Cannon-Thrilling Adventures of Sergeant Wilson-The Mt b fire the Trains-Terrible Conflagrations-A Night of Horror-Burning of the Round House-Retreat of the First Division from Pittsburgh-The City in the Hands of the Mob-Burning of the Railroad Shops and Offices-The Rioters Plunder the Trains-Alarm of the Citizens-Public Meeting held-Burning of the Union Depot-Vigilance Committees Organized-Tardy Action of the Citizens-Bishop Tuigg and the Mob-Order Restored-Monday in Pittsburgh-Affairs in Allegheny City-General Brinton's Views-Strike on the Fort Wayne Road-Robert Ammond  76
The Governor of Pennsylvania calls upon the United States for Aid-Proclamation of the President-Regular Troops ordered to Philadelphia-The Strike at Altoona-Success of the Rioters-Troop Train Stopped-Troops Driven Back-Colonel Snowden Retreats to Harrisburg-The Strikers Hold the Road-The Mob Seize the Railroad at Harrisburg-The City Authorities Powerless-Threats of the Rioters-Guarding the State Arsenal-Citizens form Armed Companies-Surrender of Militiamen to the Mob-The City Safe-Arrival of the Governor-The Strikers in Possession at Columbia-Excitement at Philadelphia-Precautions of the Mayor and Police-The Strike Begun-Scenes at the West Philadelphia Depot-The Police Whip the Mob-A Gallant Charge--The Mob Held Down-Vigorous Action of the Authorities-Attempt to Start Trains Resisted by the Mob -Another Victory for the Police-The Rioters Fire an Oil Train-Determination of the Citizens to Put Down au Outbreak-Arrival of General Hancock and the Regulars-The Danger over-Freight Trains Sent Out-Governor Hartranft at Philadelphia-His Orders-Departure of the Governor and Troops to Open the Railroad-The Strikers Overawed at Altoona-Train Men Forced to do their Duty-The Troops Move from Blairsville Intersection-Pittsburgh Occupied-Attack on the Regulars-Capture of Prisoners-The Governor and the Strikers-The Strike Crushed -The Road Opened 125
The Strike at Reading-Burning of the Lebanon Valley Bridge by the Strikers-Rioters at Reading Stop the Trains-High-Handed Acts of Violence-Arrival of Troops at Reading-The Rioters Attack the Military -The Soldiers Fire Upon the Mob--A Terrible Volley-Excitement at Reading-Action of the City Authorities-Capture of Arms-Arrival of the 16th Regiment-The Soldiers Fraternize with the Rioters-Danger of a Conflict Between the Troops-The Military Sent Away from Reading-Arrival of the Regulars-Arrest of Rioters-Character of the Rioters-A Reporter's Adventure-Verdict of the Coroner's Jury-Justice to the  Troops    174
The Strike Reaches the Coal Regions-Trouble at Pottsville and Shamokin-Strike on the Lehigh Valley Railroad-Trains Stopped-Matters at Wilkesbarre-Efforts of the Company to Run the Trains-The Governor asked to Protect the Road-Riot at Wilkesbarre-A Plucky Engineer-Triumph of the Strikers-The Troops Capture Plymouth and Wilkesbarre -Wholesale Arrests-Collapse of the Strike-The Troubles at Easton- Excitement at Scranton-Strike of the Men of the Lackawanna Coal and Iron Company-The Railroad Men Join the Strike-Proclamation of the Mayor-Trains Stopped at Scranton-Strike of the Miners-The Mines Flooded-Mob Violence at Scranton=Surrender of the Railroad Strikers-Bitterness of the Miners-Trains Stopped at Plymouth-The Rioters Take Possession of Scranton-Attack on the Mayor-His Narrow Escape-The Posse Summoned-The Rioters Fired Upon and Scattered-The Mob Overawed-Arrival of the Governor and the Troops-Capture of Strikers -The Danger Over-Interview of the Strikers with the Governor-Sullenness of the Miners-The Coroner's Jury-A Shameful Verdict-Arrest and Rescue of Members of the Mayor's Posse-The Sequel-The Rioters Foiled -The Strike Spreads through the Coal Regions   189
The Strike on the Erie Railroad-The State Asked for Protection-Proclamation of the Governor of New York-Troops Ordered to Hornellsville-Trains Stopped by the Rioters-Desperation of the Strikers-Donahne, the Leader of the Strike-A Specimen Rioter-Strikers Refuse the Offer of the Erie Railroad Officials-Trouble at Other Points on the Road-The Riots at Buffalo-The Military Driven Off-The Second Detachment of the 23d Regiment Forces its Way to Hornellsville-Attempt to Burn a Bridge -Mob Violence-The Governor Proclaims the Law Respecting Interference with Railroads-A Hard Blow to the Strikers-A Reporter's Adventures-Recklessness of the Strikers-The Civil Authorities Resolve to Enforce the Law-Preparations for the Arrest of the Strikers-A Settlement Effected-Surrender of the Strikers-End of the Strike on the Erie Railroad -Comments on the Strike-Punishment of Donahue-Matters at Albany -Strike on the New York Central Railroad Threatened-Return of Governor Robinson to Albany-Mr. Vanderbilt's Policy-The Strike Begun on the New York Central Railroad-It is Mainly an Outside Movement-Indifference of the Men to the Strike-Arrival of the 9th Regiment at Albany-The Mob Overawed at Albany-End of the Strike at that Place-Arrest of Strikers-The Strike a Failure at Other Points on the New York Central Railroad-Mr. Vanderbilt's Address to his Men-Strike on the Lake Shore Road-It Fails-Excitement in New York City-Vigorous Action of the City Authorities-Actions of the Communists-A Meeting Called in the Interest of the Strike-Preparations of the Police-Permission to Hold the Meeting Granted-Citizen Justice Schwab-He wants the Police Withdrawn--The Commissioners Defy the Mob-Citizen Schwab is Astonished-The Meeting at Tompkins Square-A Great Failure-The Authorities Ready-The Danger Over-The Troops Dismissed 223
Apprehensions of Trouble in Jersey City-The Pennsylvania Company Ask Protection-A Strike Averted on the Pennsylvania Road-Preparations of the Authorities-The Military Ordered under Arms-Scenes in Jersey City on the 23d-The Mob Overawed-Proclamation of the Governor-The Danger over on the Pennsylvania Road-Strikes on the Morris .fc Essex and New Jersey Central Roads-Troubles at Phillipsburg-End of the Strike      327
Strike on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at Newark, Ohio-Trains Stopped -Signs of Violence-The Company ask the Protection of the State-Troops Ordered to Newark-They Sympathize with the Rioters-Threats of the Miners-Strike at Columbus-The Mob Stop the Trains-The Rioters in Possession of the City-They Compel the Factories to Stop 'Work -Alarm in Columbus-Uprising of the Citizens-They Determine to Put Down the Mob-Proclamation of the Governor-Columbus Quiet-Riot at Zanesville-Energetic Action of the Citizens-The Strike at Cleveland-Trains Stopped on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad-The Blockade at Collinwood-Determination of the Strikers-They Preserve Order-Riot at Toledo-The Strike at Cincinnati-Gathering of the Mob-Rioters Stop Trains on the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad-The City at the Mercy of the Mob-Burning of a Railroad Bridge by the Rioters -The Citizens Resolve to Put Down the Mob-Railroad Men Refuse to be Interfered with-Restoration of Order  336
The Strike at Fort Wayne-The Men of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad stop the Freight Trains-The Strike Spreads-The Railroad Shops Closed-The Leaders of the Strike Counsel Moderation-Measures of the City Government-Workmen join the Strike-The Strikers Guard the Railroad Property, and Prevent the Formation of a Mob-Their General Good Conduct -They Determine to Seize the Fort Wayne Railroad-Vigilance of the Authorities-Failure of the Strike on the Wabash Road-The Strikers Disheartened-The Fort Wayne Men Surrender to the Company-The Strike on the Ohio & Mississippi Road-Matters at Terre Haute-The Strike at Indianapolis-Trains Stopped-Proclamation of the Mayor-Arming of the Citizens-Proclamation of the Governor -Collapse of the Strike  355
Danger to Chicago from its Communist Population-Announcements of the Communists-Fears of the City Authorities--Meetings of the Railroad Men-The Authorities Prepare for Trouble-The Grand Army of Starvation-The Strike Begun at Chicago-Action of the Strikers-Gathering of the Mob-The Rioters Close the Shops and Factories-The Military Called Upon-Proclamations of the Mayor-The Governor's Proclamation -Encounters between the Police and the Rioters-Mass-Meeting of Citizens-Measures for Defence-Night Combats between the Police and the Mob-Arrival of the Regular Troops-They Halt at Chicago-A Regular's View of the Situation-The Governor of Illinois Calls on the President for Aid-The Regulars at Chicago Ordered to Assist the State Officials-The Meeting at Turner Hall-The Police Disperse the Mob-Fights at the Halstead Street Viaduct-Gallant Stand of the Police-Reinforcements Arrive-Charge of the Cavalry-Flight of the Mob-The Regulars Ordered Out-The Mob Overawed-The Disturbances Die Out-Chicago at Peace -The Strikes in Other Parts of Illinois-Proclamation of the Governor.... 369
Beginning of the Strike at St. Louis-Agitation among the Communists-Trains Stopped at East St. Louis-Matters at the Union Depot-A Plucky Conductor-Strikers Cross to St. Louis-Work Stopped at St. Louis-Seizure of the Union Depot-A Drunken Leader-Arrival of the Regulars -Cause of the Inaction of the City Authorities-Efforts to Prepare for a Conflict-Communist Meetings-Forcing Workmen to Stop Work-Passenger Trains Stopped at East St. Louis-Organization of a Citizen Force -The Mob take Possession of the City-Manufacturing Establishments Compelled by the Rioters to Close-Exciting Scenes-The Negroes Force Steamboat Men to Increase Wages-The Civil. Authorities Ready-Meeting of Communists at Schuler's Hall-It is Broken up by the Police-Flight of the Communist Leaders-Strikers Driven from the Union Depot -The Danger Over in St. Louis-Regulars sent to East St. Louis-The Governor of Illinois Reaches East St. Louis with Troops-The Strike Collapses-Return of Peace   395
Hatred of the Chinese by the Lower Classes of San Francisco-Origin of the Riots-The Labor Meeting-Attack on the Chinese-The Riot Spreads-Action of the City Authorities-Arming the Citizens-Fire at the Pacific Mail Dock-The Rioters attack the Vigilantes and are Defeated-Exciting Scenes- . Night of Terror-The Mob Cowed-End of the Danger-Triumph of Law    420
Intervention of the Government Unexpected by the Strikers-Course of President Hayes-The Constitutional Use of the Army-Calls of the States for Troops Answered-Action of the Government in Illinois and Missouri -Effect of the Presence of the Regular Troops-Service of the Signal Corps-The strike and the Mails-Action of the Post Office Department... 431
Views of Colonel Thomas A. Scott-The Strike as Seen by a Railroad President-He thinks the General Government should have More Power to Protect Railroad Property-Views of a Striker-How he Proposes to Remedy the Trouble   443
The Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania-Character of the Towns and People-The Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Molly Maguires Identical-Origin of the Society-The " Buckshots "-Rapid Increase of the Order in the Mining Regions-Resistance to the Draft-Riot at Mauch Chunk-Murders of Langdon, Smith, Dunne, Littlehales, Rae and Powell -Terrible Reign of Crime-The Mollies Responsible for the Murders-Impossibility of Convicting a Mollie of a Crime-The Mollies Defy the Law-The Prosperity of the Coal Regions Affected-A Reign of Terror-Mollies in Public Office-It is Resolved to Destroy the Molly Maguires  458
Franklin B. Gowen-His Interest in the Coal Regions-He Resolves upon the Destruction of the Mollie Maguires-Difficulties of the Attempt-He secures the Assistance of the Pinkerton Agency-A Detective to be sent among the Mollies-The Man Selected-James McParlan-He takes the Name of James McKenna-Arrives in the Coal Regions-Meets Pat Dormer-Professes to be a Mollie-Deceives Dormer-A Narrow Escape-Finds Work at Shenandoah-Muff Lawler-Discovers the Character of the Mollie Organization-McKenna Becomes a Mollie Maguire-The Initiation Ceremony-McKenna Rises in the Order-Account of the Ancient Order of Hibernians-Its Constitution and Organization-Its Strength in the United States-The Secret Signs and Pass-words-Precautions as regards Members-Use of the Body-Masters and Quarrelling Toasts-Systematic Regulation of the Commission of Crime by the Order-Cold-blooded Murder the Object of the Society-System of Defence against the Law  469
McKenna as a Mollie Maguire-His Reports to the Pinkerton Agency-The "Long Strike"-Suffering of the Miners-Violence of the Mollies-Captain Linden-Failure of. the Strike-The Mollies try to bring on a Riot -Troops sent to the Coal Regions-Murder of George Major-Trial and Acquittal of Dougherty-Attacks upon him-Dougherty Demands the Death of his Enemies-His Demand Granted-Attempted Assassination of William M. Thomas-Murder of Benjamin F. Yost-The Work of the Mollies-The Murderer Rewarded-McKenna obtains the Confessions of all the Assassins-Murder of Gomer James-Hurley Acknowledges the Deed-The Mollie Convention Decides that he is Entitled to a Reward for his Crime-McKenna secures Proofs of the Guilt of the Mollies-Murder of Thomas Sanger and William Uren-The Murderers Relate their Exploits to McKenna--Murder of John P. Jones-Capture of the Murderers -A Terrible Blow to the Mollies-Growth of the Opposition to the Mollies -The Mollies Cowed-Trial of Doyle for the Murder of Jones-Ilis Conviction and Sentence-Kerrigan Turns Informer-His Confession-Arrest of the Murderers of Yost and Sanger and Uren-McKenna Suspected of being a Detective-His Bold Action-Attempts to Kill him-Sees Father O'Conner-His Work Done-Returns to Philadelphia-Trial and Conviction of the Mollie Maguires-McParlan on the Witness Stand-Sentences of the Mollies-Executions of the Mollies at Pottsville and Mauch Chunk -Mollie Maguireism Destroyed    492

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