History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket

History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket

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History of American Sailing Ships, The by Howard I. Chapelle w dust jacket
The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard I. Chapelle
400 pages
Hard Cover with dust jacket (has damage)
Copyright 1935
Authorities and Acknowledgmentsxv
Chapter One: THE COLONIAL PERIOD. Early American ships and shipbuilding. Colonial types. Description of plans; meaning of lines. State of ship-design. Rise of the American Schooner. Pre-Revolutionary men-of-war. Early Royal Navy schooners.       4
Chapter Two: NAVAL CRAFT. Problems of Design. Question of speed. Naval types. Revolutionary War vessels, description of noted ships. The history of the Hancock. Lake Champlain ships. The French Influence. The Frigates of 1794-1801. The President, and other frigates. The Jeffersonian gunboats. Ships built i 800-181 z. War of 1 81 2, vessels built during the war. The Peacock. Vessels built between 1821 and 1850. The designers of American men-of-war.      44
Chapter Three: PRIVATEERS AND SLAVERS. Definition of a privateer. Problems of design. Revolutionary privateers. Rattlesnake. John Peck. Schooner-privateers, the Berbice. War of 1812 privateers. Prominence of the schooner-rig. The Prince de Neu f ch. Influence of the slave-trade. Efforts to suppress the trade. The Dos Amigos. Problems of design. Examples of slavers. Appearance of the centerboard. 130
Chapter Four: REVENUE CUTTERS. Neglect of the Revenue Marine. Early history of the service, the first cutters. Description of cutters, problem of design. Inventory of an early cutter. The 1815 class. The 1825 class. Morris and her sister-ships, Joe Lane and the last sailing cutters.       176
Chapter Five: THE AMERICAN SCHOONER. Comparative importance of the schooner. The sharp-model schooner. Marble Head. Rig of early schooners. The Virginia model. Pilot-boats. Subtle. Remarks on topsail schooners. Clipper-schooners. Influence of the Baltimore Clippers. Materials used in construction. Painting. Ballast. American designs abroad. Later pilot-boats. Fishing schooners. Coasting schooners. Pacific Coast schooners. Lake schooners.     219
Chapter Six: MERCHANT CRAFT. The Ship. Colonial vessels. Local pride and comparative excellence. Packet Ships. The Clippers, relative importance. Mania for speed. Designers. The Down Easters. Whalers and other ship-types. The Barquentine. The brig and brigantine. The Sloop. Preservation of sail. 273
Chapter Seven: SAILING YACHTS. Development in design. Famous designers. The America and other famous yachts. Centerboard and keel. "Cutter Cranks." Influence of rules. Fads and fashions. Relationship of cruiser and racer. Modern trends in design. The Universal Rule and its effects.304
APPENDIX. Additional Notes. Contracts and Specifications. Gun-mountings. Gun Measurements.3S9
INDEX  387
I. Continental Frigate Hancock60
II. United States Frigate President76
III. United States Frigate President-Sail Plan84
IV. United States Frigate Essex92
V. American Privateer Prince de Neufch133
VI. American Slaver Dos Amigos156
VII. United States Revenue Cutter Morris188
VIII. United States Revenue Cutter Joe Lane204
IX. Fisherman Schooner Elsie228
X. Three-Masted Schooner Marion Sprague244
XI. Four-Masted Schooner Howard Smith and                                                                             Four-Masted Maine Schooner260
XII. Clipper-Ship Rainbow277
XIII. Packet Queen of the West and Baltimore Clipper Brigg284
XIV. Barquentine James Tuft292
XV. Schooner-Yacht America309
XVI. Schooner-Yacht Enchantress333
Hoy rig and English cutter, 176011
Sloop and schooner rigs, 176012
Ketch rig, 176013
Frigate, 176014
Brig rig, 176016
Snow rig, 176017
Sloop off Boston Light, 172018
I. Lines of sloop Ferrett21
Sketch of Ferrett21
2. Lines of sloop Swift29
3. Lines of schooner Hallifax34
4. Plans of schooner Hallifax35
Halli f ax in perspective36
Sketch of Hallifax37
5. Lines of Chaleur, schooner38
6. Chaleur, inboard details39
7. Chaleur, sail plan39
Sketch of Chaleur40
Sketch of schooner Sultana, 176841
8. Lines of Sultana42
9. Inboard details of Sultana42
Design of a ship for Lake Champlain49
A sloop for Lake Champlain50
A schooner for Lake Champlain53
An American Radeau55
Sketch of mizzen rig68
Sketch of the galley Washington71
1o. Lines of galley Washington73
u. Inboard plan of Washington73
Perspective of Washington75
Perspective of frigate President88
12. Sail plan of frigate Essex95
Perspective of Essex96
Sketch of gunboat No. 598
13. Plans of gunboat No. 599
Sketch of Vixen on the stocks100
Perspective of Vixen102
14. Lines of the schooner-of-war Vixen103
15. Lines of the sloop-of-war Peacock106
16. Inboard plans of Peacock107
Sketch of the sloop-of-war Peacock109
17. Lines of the corvette Saratoga113
18. Lines of the brigs-of-war Somers and Bainbridge122
19. Inboard plans of Somers and Bainbridge123
19A. Sail plan of Somers124
20. Lines of the brig-of-war Lawrence125
21. Lines of the American privateer Rattlesnake135
22. Inboard plans of Rattlesnake136
23. Sail plan of Rattlesnake137
Sketch of Rattlesnake141
24. Plans and perspective of schooner Berbice145
25. Sail plan of the American privateer Prince de Neufchatel147
Sketch of Neufchatel148
Perspective of Neu f ch151
26. Lines of experimental brig Flying Fish157
Sketch of the slaver Dos Amigos159
Sail plan of Dos Amigos162
Perspective of Dos Amigos163
Perspective of an American-built slaver brig164
27. Lines of American-built slaver brig165
28. Lines of schooner Union170
29. Inboard plans of Union171
Sketch of Union173
Sketch of a privateer of 1800174
Sketch of 31-ton revenue cutter, 1815184
Sketch of 51-ton revenue cutter, 1815185
Perspective of 8o-ton revenue cutter187
Sketch of 8o-ton revenue cutter190
30. Plans of 31-ton revenue cutter191
31. Plans of 51-ton revenue cutter193
32. Plans of 8o-ton revenue cutter195
Perspective of 31-ton revenue cutter196
33. Plans of drop-keel revenue cutter, 1825197
34. Plans of keel revenue cutter, 1825199
Perspective of 77-6%5-ton revenue cutter, 1825200
Sketch of shoal-draft revenue cutter, 1825201
35. Design for a 3o-ton revenue cutter, 1829202
Sketch of a 3o-ton revenue cutter, 1829203
Perspective of revenue cutter Morris204
Sketch of the Morris207
Sketch of the Forward211
36. Sail plan of the revenue cutter Joe Lane213
Sketch of Joe Lane214
Perspective of Joe Lane215
Sketch of the Alert217
Sketch of schooner Marble Head221
37. Lines of Afarble Head223
Perspective of Marble Head225
38.  Lines of schooner Swift229
39. Inboard plans of Swift229
Perspective of Swift230
Swift rigged for naval service231
4o. Lines of schooner Subtle232
41. Inboard plan of Subtle232
Sketch of Subtle233
Perspective of Subtle235
Sketch of schooner of 1819239
Perspective of 1819 schooner240
42. Lines of Humphrey's 1819 schooner241
43. Lines of American schooner 1837242
44. Sail plan of 1837 schooner243
45. Lines and perspective of pilot-schooner244
1837 schooner showing rig common with slavers245
46. Lines of pilot-boats Phantom and Pet250
47. Lines of pilot-boat Adams251
48. Lines of "clipper" fishing schooner251
Sketch of fishing schooner Elsie255
49. Sail plan of Elsie256
Perspective of Elsie257
Sketch of three-masted Maine-built schooner261
5o. Lines of three-masted schooner262
Sketch of four-master Howard Smith263
51. Lines of four-master, Caroline266
52. Sail plan of Caroline266
53. Plans of five-master, Inca267
Sketch of Great Lakes schooner Challenge268
54. Lines and perspective of Challenge271
Sketch of packet Queen of the West278
Sail plan of Queen of the West279
Perspective of clipper-ship Rainbow282
Sketch of Rainbow284
57. Builder's plan of merchant ship Illustrious President285
56. Lines of a Down Easter, about 1880285
57. Plans of the Down Easter Henry B. Hyde289
58. Plans of barquentine W. H. Dimond291
Perspective of Dimond292
59. Lincs of a stone sloop302
60. Lines of a fishing sloop302
Perspective of the Yacht America313
61. Lines of sand-bagger Dodo317
62. Lines of sand-bagger Susie S.318
63. Sail plan of Susie S.319
Perspective of Susie S.320
64. Lines of sand-bagger Comet321
65.  Lines of sand-bagger Pluck and Luck322
66. Lines of cat Truant323
Perspective of yacht Enchantress324
Sketch of Enchantress325
67. Lines and perspective of Cup Defender Magic327
68. Lines of schooner-yacht Halcyon329
69. Lines of sloop-yacht Elephant330
7o. Lines of schooner-yacht Sappho333
71. Lines of sloop-yacht Gracie333
72. Lines of Cup Defender Mischief337
73. Lines of schooner-yacht Elmina337
Cutter and sloop rigs339
74. Lines of cutter-yacht Bedouin340
75. Lines of sloop Titania343
76. Lines of fin-keel sloop El Chico345
77. Lines of Cup Defender Vigilant346
78. Sail plan of Vigilant347
80. Sail plan of R-boat Yankee353
81. Lines of R-boat Yankee355
Chain pump arrangement late 1700's360
Gun mountings of President361
U.S.N. 32-pounder, 1825373
32-pounder carronade, 1830375
Details of pivot-gun, 1830377
View of old Maryland Shipyard28
American attack on Tripoli
Battle of Lake Champlain29
American ship-sloop Ontario
American privateer Rambler140
French hermaphrodite La Gazelle
Six-Masted schooner Myrtie B. Cowley141
Elsie, details220
Elsie, details and views on four-masters221
Bill the Butcher, Lanaika, James Ramsay, Justina236
St. Mary, Georgia, Corinthian, Stevenson237
James Tuft and Copper field252
Down Easter Henry B. Hyde253
Yachts Madeleine, Sappho, Montauk, Gracie316
Yachts Mischief, Elmina, Clytie, Fanny317
Yachts Vigilant, Columbia, El Chico, Daphne348
Yachts Emerald and Mayflower349
This is the most comprehensive book ever to be published on the sailing men-of-war of the United States Navy. The sailing-ship era of our Navy was highly picturesque and most important. It was an era that saw the founding of the United States, its development as a naval and maritime power, the foundation of a national maritime policy, and the establishment of the great and enduring traditions of the Navy.
Mr. Chapelle here presents a full story of the building of our sailing Navy from colonial times to the time of the last all-sailing man-of-war, built just prior to the Civil War. In this parade of ships pass those of glorious name, Constitution, Hancock, Confederacy, Washington, President, Essex, Constellation, as well as those smaller but nonetheless important sailing men-of-war that made the United States Navy respected throughout the world. The design and construction of every type of ship is fully detailed, with comments on trends in technical thought and administration as they affected American naval ships.

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