Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet Soft Cover
Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet Soft Cover
Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet Soft Cover

Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet Soft Cover

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Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet Soft Cover
Hard Coal Carriers Volume 2 Camelback Twilight by Gerard Bernet
Soft cover
Copyright 1995
96 pages
Table of Contents
Chapter One: Historical Review
Chapter Two: Notes, Generally Speaking
Chapter Three: #150 - 184 Chapter Four: #590 - 595 Chapter Five: #600 - 630 Chapter Six: #631 - 635 Chapter Seven: #750 - 789
Chapter Eight: An Oasis In The Land Of Camels
Chapter Nine: Life Aboard A Camel
Chapter Ten: Post War Years and the Camelback's Demise Chapter Eleven: Life After Death
Chapter Twelve: A View From A Tower
Chapter Thirteen: "Tag Alongs" Chapter Fourteen: A CNJ Portfolio

On April 23, 1954, an era ended on the Central Railroad of New Jersey as scheduled, steam passenger operations came to a close. It was the Friday which preceded the start of Daylight Savings Time, a common time when railroads revised their train scheduling. Not only was steam removed from passenger service that day but with it went the last of the Central's Camelback locomotives. The CNJ had long been a user of this distinctive, humped back design. Those locomotives, which were still on the roster that day, could boast of a career that contained traffic generated by two World Wars, business booms and depressions, rebuildings, and two generations of travellers. But that was all behind them now and for most, the next fire felt in their fireboxes came from a cutter's torch. Undoubtedly, a touch of nostalgia passed through the minds of the railroaders that day in April, for they knew that tomorrow's future was in the hands of diesel electric technology.
The CNJ rostered a great many varieties of camelbacks including other classes specifically used in passenger service. This book has been narrowed in vision to include only those passenger camelbacks that remained on the roster as of January 1, 1945. As we will see, those "jack of all trade" engines that did survive the post war era were destined to be silenced by the growl of a diesel engine.
Over forty years have passed since that day in April 1954 and for many it may seem like ancient, uninteresting history. For those people, we ask an indulgence to pause and reflect on what was yesterday, to understand what is today.
As you will note, this is second volume in the series "Hard Coal Carriers". It is hoped that you will enjoy this book on the twilight of CNJ passenger camelbacks. Undoubtedly, you will notice that some liberties have been taken with this title. This was intentionally done for two reasons. First, for many the thought of steam operations is a fading memory; while some love to compare mechanical statistics, we have chosen to ignore comparisons and show the locomotives in their typical CNJ environment. An attempt is made to turn hard, cold facts into an appreciation of the machine, it's daily operation, and the people that made it all work until April 23, 1954.
Others may quickly turn their dieselized noses up at any mention of steam power. By presenting the locomotives in the manner that is shown, it is hoped that they will enjoy some of the basic CNJ operational facts presented. For all, it is hoped these interesting machines will be accepted for what they were, an integral part of the CNJ's history and development.

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