Guide to the Railways of N.S.W., A by S Sharp Soft Cover 1979 186 Pgs

Guide to the Railways of N.S.W., A by S Sharp Soft Cover 1979 186 Pgs

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Guide to the Railways of N.S.W., A by S Sharp Soft Cover 1979 186 Pgs
A Guide to the Railways of N.S.W. by S Sharp Soft Cover 1979 186 Pages
(a). How to use this publication.
This book is divided into three parts. The first part is the service directory, which is aimed at explaining how to use the various services available to rail travellers or researchers. It also attempts to provide an understanding of the present political, social and economic environment. The second part is a subject directory and deals with the various aspects of activity which go to make up the total railway scenario. The third part  is a geographical guide which sets out line by line what can be found along each of those lines. It is intended for those travellers who are planning a tour of the State or parts thereof.
Those interested in a specific topic, such as locomotives, will be able to turn to the relevant chapter in the second part to establish what is currently the practice. At the end of each chapter in part two a summary is given for quick on-the-spot reference. Those wishing to visit a specific part of the State can refer to the third part.
There is no subject index to this book because each sector of railway interest is clearly defined in the table of contents. However, as locations are referred to in several chapters, a location index is located at the rear of the book.
Distances given in brackets relate to the number of kilometres from Sydney which is the commercial and geographic centre of the rail system.
(b). Entry to Railway Premises.
Prior to entering railway premises, permission must always be obtained from the senior officer or employee on duty at the particular centre. Railway employees in N.S.W. are not obliged to grant this permission but they are well known for their consideration and co-operation and it must always be remembered that any misconduct or inappropriate behaviour on railway property reflects unfavourably not only on the individual concerned but on all those who take an active interest in railways.
(c). Why restrict this publication to N.S.W.?
Each State in Australia is sovereign and passes laws applicable only to that State, subject to laws enacted by the Commonwealth Parliament.
Not only laws, but all facets of life are very much marked by the individuality of the particular State. This is very much the case with railways in that each State has different, and quite often, very different methods of operation. For instance, it has only been since 1962 that through running (i.e. from one system to another system) of rolling stock has occurred.
Locomotives are still changed at Albury and Broken Hill. The individuality of the States is most evident in the different track gauges used in each of the States.
A guide to the railways in Australia would be a welcome publication but practices and features of other Australian States require the attention and familiarity of informed people in the other States with similar knowledge to the contributors of this book.
(d). Theme of this publication.
The railway scene is continually changing. This book is aimed at readers who desire to know more about the N.S.W. rail system and indicates, especially for the benefit of interstate and overseas readers, what is typical and what is atypical, what is new and what is being replaced. In this way, the process of change is demonstrated.
The theme is to show that whatever is existing today will become rare in a matter of time.
This applies not only to locomotives and other mobile equipment but also to fixed capital items such as buildings. This publication attempts to show the process of change by pinpointing what is going out of fashion or use and what is taking its place.
This is not a history book and no attempt has been made to refer to events which are not current. This is a publication indicating what is happening now. Because of this, some of the material presented may be slightly out of date when printed but this cannot be avoided in any contemporary publication.
Because so much change has occurred in the 1970s and will continue to occur for some time this publication is a record of events as at a certain date. Thus, even when overtaken by change, this book will be an historical record of actual operations and practices at a specific time in the development of the State's rail system.
(e). Other necessary aides to rail travel in N.S.W.
Whilst three schematic maps are at the rear of the book, it is suggested that a large, detailed map of New South Wales be obtained for reference to towns, etc., cited. The first of the three schematic maps shows the main interstate trunk routes as well as the former "main" lines to Bourke and Wallangarra. The second map shows the routes in the first map plus the connecting links between the main lines and the third map shows those lines already mentioned plus branch lines.
As it has not been possible to describe in detail every individual service readers should also have a copy of the latest suburban and country rail timetables. It is recommended that this book, the maps and timetables accompany the reader on any excursion throughout N.S.W. However, it will prove worthwhile if readers also read this publication prior to starting the trip.
The railways publish a booklet entitled "Transport Quiz" which provides a considerable amount of information about railways in a question and answer form. It deals with all forms of public land transport operated by the Government. The material in the Quiz has not been duplicated in this book. The Quiz retails for less than one dollar.

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