Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots Ingles Soft Cover

Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots Ingles Soft Cover

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Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots Ingles Soft Cover
Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots by J David Ingles Soft Cover 2001 208 pages.  
Where are the best spots to go to watch lots of trains and do it safely? This book provides more than 100 answers in the U.S. and Canada. As railroads have become fewer in number because of mergers. their traffic has kept increasing. The quantity of main routes has decreased as carriers abandon or sell off alternative routes to short lines. But the number of trains on many other main lines that remain in service has increased. This has created a good number of "hot spots" throughout the land.
In response to a steady stream of reader requests for spots where they could watch or photograph the action, TRAINS Magazine began its monthly "Hot Spots" series in March 1989. Each installment was written by a contributor who lived near, or was familiar with, the subject area or spot. In 1997 the label changed to "On Location," in part to accompany a new series of videotape programs on the most scenic locales, and in part to acknowledge that "spots" were sometimes long stretches of railroad, such as Colorado's Joint Line, Norfolk Southern's "Rathole," or the two lines along the Hudson River north of New York City.
Between the first "Hot Spots" installment (on Conrail's Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania), and the entry of February 2001 (on Reading, Pa.), TRAINS has covered more than 115 spots in 36 states and 4 Canadian provinces-10 of 'cm more than once.
From readers came the obvious request: "Why not put your Hot Spots in an easy-to-use book form?" The result is in your hands. We also hope that by packing information on so many spots between two covers, this book will help newcomers to the pastime seek out places to watch trains and to meet fellow railroad enthusiasts.
To compile the information for this book, we selected over 100 likely spots and contacted a hunch of knowledgeable and talented TRAINS contributors. The result is this outstanding compilation by a group of dedicated, active railfans. To accompany each entry, we asked some of the hobby's best photographers-in many cases, the author of the entry-to submit a color photo depicting a typical train at that spot. Ranging from rural settings to urban, from prairie flatlands to spectacular mountain passes, these photos capture the power and beauty of railroading in busy settings, emphasizing the surrounding scenery as well as the spot itself.
We've striven for geographic balance, including as many states or regions as possible. But if your own favorite spot isn't in this book, don't despair-we've got our eye on a possible updated and expanded edition. We welcome your nominations of other "hot spots" for future consideration.
What makes a spot "hot"? With just a few exceptions, its a site with an average of at least one train an hour, or 24 per day (not all will necessarily be in daylight. of course). If more than one railroad serves the spot, so much the better Also, the site should be reasonably easy for the public to reach, and should be a safe location. By "safe.- we mean not interfering with railroad operations, as well as personally secure for the train watcher. In other words, you shouldn't trespass on railroad property, and we won't send you to the "wrong part of town."
Change is constant in life, and it's no different on the railroad. Corporate names change; passenger-train routes are discontinued or started; locomotives are scrapped or sold and replaced by new ones.

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