Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie

Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie

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Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Greenbergs Model Railroading with Lionel Trains by Roland LaVoie
Hard Cover
Copyright 1989 FIRST EDITION
143 pages
Acknowledgments iv
PrologueA Welcome: The Purpose of this Book  5
Chapter IA Brief History of Toy Trains and the Lionel Corporation  10
Chapter IIThe Advantages of Collecting and Operating Lionel Trains  16
Chapter IIIWhich Lionel Trains Should You Get -
And Where You Can Get Them  20
Chapter IVPlatform Construction and Layout Design 35
Chapter VTricks with Track  47
Chapter VIWiring Techniques and Cab Control Operation  57
Chapter VII Scenery and Decorations  68
Chapter VIII Lionel's Operating Accessories 84
Chapter IXRepair and Maintenance  98
Chapter XSpecial and Advanced Projects  112
Maintenance and Repair of Fundimensions Trains 8 Arthur L. Broshears 112
A Short Course on Electricity ? Carl Weaver 114
A Short Course on Soldering ? Carl Weaver 115
A Buzz Eliminator for E-LJnits ? Richard C. Sigurdson 116
Trick Wiring Blows Whistle! 117
Enhanced Coupler Operation on MPC Cars + John Kouba 117
Improved Lighting for Aluminum Passenger Cars ? John Kouba 118
Maintaining and Operating Lionel's 072 Wide Radius Switches + E. W. Stencler119
Make Your Trolleys Run Themselves ? Tom Rollo 120
Scenery on Your Layout + Jack Robinson 123
Modular LayoutsWilliam V. Mayer 126
The Tinplate Trackers ? Albert R. Bailey 126
A Relay System with an Automatic Train Control Circuit + Richard Ziegler 128
Chapter XILayout Design and Trackside Action ? Philip K. Smith and Stan Shantar 130
AppendixFurther Reading: an Annotated Bibliography  136
GlossaryReal and Model Railroading Terms  139
About the Author  144

All the action that brings delight and amusement to railroaders of all ages.
The railroading empire you design is all yours, and it relies on no one's
imagination but your own!
?A railroad cop chases a hobo around and around the packing crates of a gondola car, with no hope of ever catching him. Logs, barrels, and coal are dumped from their special cars into waiting accessories which convey them to new locations on the layout. A big gantry crane swivels its magnet into place to dump scrap steel into gondolas at the wrecking yard. A milkman delivers cans of milk onto a platform, and cows and horses move in and out of their corrals and cars. Crossing gates descend and a minature gateman swinging his lantern greets the oncoming train.
?With the chugging of locomotives and the blinking lights, enter into Roland LaVoie's fascinating world of Lionel Trains. Here is the how-to book that will give you the skills to become an engineer in your own home!
The history of the company and the trains that
sparked the imagination of millions of
children as they traveled down the rails of
America's dream machines.
How to solve sticky wiring problems.
Repair and maintenance hints.
How to craft authentic detailed scenery
and decorations.
Techniques of layout design and tricks of
realistic track work.
Advanced projects by thirteen railroading and
design experts.
An annotated bibliography.
A glossary of real and model railroading terms.
Fifty color photographs of beautiful, detailed layouts and trains.

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