Great Wet Way By Alan Dale Hard Cover 1909

Great Wet Way By Alan Dale Hard Cover 1909

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Great Wet Way By Alan Dale Hard Cover 1909
The Great Wet Way By Alan Dale Hard Cover 1909.   The first few pages have writing in them.   It appears this was in a library on ships or passed between shipmembers.   SS Minnetonko July 31-August 9 1909  Edward Dimock Hartford, Conn followed by many other names...then SS Portsdma Aug 14 - 26 1909 BC Doan Detroit Michigan...Two pages have names of ships with dates ranging from 2 weeks to a month.  
The BACK inside edge along the bidning is showing the webbed binding. Two other pages have a small stain.  
Once upon a time, many, many years ago, the man who " went to Europe " was looked upon as somewhat remarkable, and even heroic. Shoals of newspaper reporters met the incoming steamers, and eagerly interviewed the intrepid travellers, asking them all sorts of leading questions, and chronicling the answers with avid accuracy.
Tempora mutantur. To-day, everybody goes to Europe. The steamers are crowded, as for a picnic. The townships and the villages of the far west supply a goodly percentage of the passengers. It is neither remarkable nor heroic to go to Europe to-day. In fact, it is rather provincial. Exclusive people even hesitate before admitting that they are going abroad. They select a time that is unpopular with the mass of tourists, and satisfy their consciences in that way. Newspaper reporters no longer flock to meet the incoming steamers. It would keep them too busy. Moreover, the views of Tom, Dick, and Harry are not startling.
The trip to Europe, however, with its characteristics of to-day, is vastly amusing to those blessed or cursed with a sense of humour. The close association, the enforced intimacy with what the English call trippers " and what we call " tourists," must be strenuously interesting to those who enjoy the study of human nature.
This book is not serious. It is the result of some fifty trips across the Atlantic, on all kinds of steamers, and with all sorts of people. I have tried to discuss every conceivable phase of life on the big liner, which some travellers consider a lost week, and which I regard as a seven days' joy; in fact, a picnic. My object has been simply to amuse those who have crossed, those who will cross, and the friends of those who have crossed and who will cross. This is a " tall order," don't you think? This is an appeal to a tremendous public. It is, in fact, an overwhelming appeal. Nor must I forget the members of the various steamship companies.
If their sense of humour responds, then indeed shall I consider myself amply repaid.

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