Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin  Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack
Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin  Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack
Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin  Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack
Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin  Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack
Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin  Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack

Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack

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Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin Morning Sun Books w/ Dust jack
Great Lakes Trolleys in color By Robert Halperin featuring the photography of Eugene Van Dusen
Hardcover with dust jacket 128 pages
Morning Sun Books
Copyright 2004

Certainly, the name of Eugene Van Dusen is well known among rail fans, both for his excellent photography as well as for his extensive collection of photographs of streetcars and interurbans that once served our cities and towns. Many are the fans who have thought about a time machine capable of transporting us back to those days. A machine can't do that, but Eugene's photographs can. It is to his credit, and our pleasure, that he has been so generous over the years in sharing with us his photographs.
And so it is with this volume consisting solely of pictures from that vast collection. Although most were taken with color film, several are black and white that have been colorized by Vernon Langdon and included because they add considerably to the objective of this book: a tour of streetcars and interurbans that once served the many cities and towns around the Great Lakes.
Since time immemorial human settlements have sought bodies of water, be they oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers. The five Great Lakes of North America are no exception as evidenced by the hundreds of cities, towns, and villages that have located at, or near, their shores. Some of these cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Toronto, and Detroit have grown into economic powerhouses. The eight States bordering the Great Lakes include Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, and Minnesota. (In Canada, the Province of Ontario borders four of the Great Lakes. The fifth, Lake Michigan, lies entirely within the United States.) While today the total population of these States amounts to twenty-nine per cent of the U.S. total, in 1900 it represented over forty per cent. These States also represented a tremendous market for streetcars and interurbans.
Over time vast streetcar and interurban networks grew to serve the ever-increasing populations. This book is about some, but by no means all, of these undertakings. And, while we have included material about such systems as the South Shore, North Shore, and the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, we recognize that they are not really trolleys but decided to include them because they are, after all, electric railways and much loved at that. So, too, with Sudbury, Ontario which, although not directly on one of the Lakes, is within 35 miles of Georgian Bay, an inlet of Lake Huron. Pictures of Sudbury streetcars are so rare that not even many Canadians have seen one! We didn't think you'd object.
Almost every traction fan, has at one time or another, participated in a "slide night" to watch scenes of streetcars and interurbans. For most of us it is nourishment for the soul! And, as we watch the scenes change one by one, there can be heard from the audience the occasional "ooh" or "aaah" as there comes to the silver screen a view of a best-loved streetcar or interurban. It is a sight to behold. And chances are very good that the picture will be from the camera or collection of Eugene Van Dusen.
Gene is no stranger to us, his pictures having graced the pages of many books. He has been taking and collecting color photographs for over 50 years.
His love of streetcars and interurban goes back to the very early days of his childhood. He comes honestly by the fascination for them as two uncles worked for the Northern Indiana Railway, an interurban that ran west from Goshen, Indiana to Michigan City, with a spur to Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Michigan.
Although born in New Castle, Indiana, Gene's family moved to South Bend when he was very little and the sights and sounds of the City's streetcars stayed with him. He admits that although he saw the abandonment of many electric railways, the one that was particularly difficult to witness was the bussing of the South Bend system. His one consolation was, however, that the City continued to be served by the South Shore, the Country's last interurban.
Over the years Gene has held a number of jobs, but the one he favored most was part ownership in a hobby shop in Phoenix, Arizona. As an "0" scale trolley modeler, his experience served him well in assisting customers in their model railroading efforts. Though he no longer has an operating layout, he, nevertheless, retains possession of his models that number about a dozen.
Because of Gene's generosity in sharing his photo collection with us, we are able to witness an era long gone and greatly missed. Thanks, Gene!
So grab your hat and coat and come with us back to a time that we all miss so much: when streetcars and interurbans were the way to get around, especially those great trolleys of the Great Lakes.
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK4-5Community Traction Company 41MILWAUKEE97
CITY OF ST. CATHARINES 6Toledo & Eastern 42The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light
Niagara, St. Catharines & TorontoToledo & Indiana43Company's City Cars 97-101
Electric Railway 6-13Toledo Edison 43Milwaukee's Interurbans, Milwaukee Electric.102-105
BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14-15DETROIT 44-45Speedrail 106-107
International Traction Company/Detroit PCCs 45MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 108
International Railway Company 15-16Detroit United Railways & the DepartmentDULUTH, MINNESOTA 108
The Nearside Car 17of Street Railways 46-55SUDBURY, ONTARIO 108
CLEVELAND, OHIO 22Hammond, Whiting & East Chicago Railway 63LONDON & PORT STANLEY RAILWAY'112-113
Cleveland's Transit Systems22CHICAGO64HAMILTON, ONTARIO 114
The Raymond Loewy Influence 23Chicago City Railway: Chicago Surface Lines,City Cars of Hamilton114-116
Cleveland Railway & the ClevelandChicago Transit Authority 65-77CANADA CRUSHED STONE COMPANY OF
Transit System 23-29Chicago & West Towns Railway 78DUNDAS, ONTARIO 116
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 30-37Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway 78TORONTO 117
OHIO PUBLIC SERVICE38Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railroad 79-84Toronto's Streetcars 117-126
LAKE SHORE ELECTRIC 38-40Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad.85-96CORNWALL, ONTARIO 127
TOLEDO, OHIO 41Streetcars & Freight Motors of Cornwall _127-128

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