Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages
Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages
Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages
Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages
Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages

Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages

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Great Cars, The By Ralph Stein 251 Pages
The Great Cars By Ralph Stein 251 Pages Hard Cover 1967
When I sat down to write about the great cars, I knew that I had set myself a difficult task. But I did not foresee quite how hard it would turn out to be. I had room for twenty-five cars. But which twenty-five? For surely more cars than that deserve to be called great. Being lazy, I first chose those which I knew best from personal experience. This category alone almost filled my allotted space, for it always has been easy to write most about those I love most. Next I included cars that have long fascinated me, even though I have had little actual experience with them-the Lanchester, for example. By then I had used up all my pages. I should have liked to have written about the early Renaults, Napier, Panhard, Cadillac, the Model T Ford, the White and Stanley Steamers, Locomobile, Lozier, Delahaye; I even wanted to include that great American automobile, the Welch, mostly because I've lived with one for many years and intimately know its foibles, its virtues, and its odd felicities of design. And even including all of these I would have neglected some great makes.
But I submit that the cars in this book are among the greatest of many great cars.
This is the place to remember all those individuals and organizations which have furthered this work.
I thank Henry Austin Clark, Jr., Ralph Buckley, Zora ArkusDuntov, Ed Bond, George Schieffelin, the AMA Library in Detroit, the builders of many of the cars mentioned and their helpful publicity people, Harrah's Automobile Collection in Reno, Nevada, and The Autocar and Old Motor in London.
Tom Burnside could not have made his incomparable color Photographs of the cars without the enthusiastic help of their owners. To them sincere thanks, too.

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