Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Volume 1
Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Volume 1
Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Volume 1

Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Volume 1

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Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Volume 1
Graphic Sketches from the history of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad by Paul Winchester Volume 1
copyright 1927
Hard Cover 337 pages

Sketches from the history of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Including much heretofore unpublished matter regarding the work and life of the late John Work Garrett, as well as other facts concerning that great enterprise, and a detailed account of the tragic contest between John K. Cowen, General Counsel and later President of the Company, also member of the National House of Representatives, and Arthur Pue Gorman, Senator of the United States from Maryland
In Two Volumes
THESE sketches, which together make up much of the dramatic, and, at times tragic, history of the great pioneer railway system of the United States, are largely personal reminiscences, based on manuscript notes and newspaper stories, written by the author from time to time, as the events occurred from the beginning of the great war between the states in 1861. The short amount of the text dealing with happenings prior to 1861, was made up from recorded and published matter, together with traditional tales told to the author, by people who lived during the period of time, between the granting of the charter of the company, up to the date of the Civil War, when the recollections of the writer take the place of all other sources of information used in the compilation of the story. Among those who were contemporaries of the men who had a part in the promotion and construction of the great work, in its early days, that is from 1827 up to 1861, several lived for many years after that time, and the author was privileged to know some of them with a greater or less degree of intimacy, chief among whom were the late John H. B. Latrobe, Mrs. John H. B. Latrobe, and Mr. Charles Latrobe-these members of that honored, historic family, survived the great war of 1861-65 several years, and Mrs. Latrobe lived several years into the present century, with all her faculties unimpaired when she had passed her ninetieth birthday. Nothing pleased this venerable and highly accomplished lady of the olden time more than to have an appreciative listener-she knew everything connected with the history of Maryland and Baltimore from the time she came, as a bride, in 1832, from her home in Louisiana. She was the intimate friend of all the prominent men and- women of those days, extending through three-quarters of a century. She also knew all the great figures in the public life of the Nation at Washington prior to the war, also those who were active in public life for years after the war, and, often had entertained at her hospitable home in Baltimore, Presidents of the United States, cabinet officers, Judges of the Supreme Court, Senators of the United States, and members of the House of Representatives, of all parties and of all political creeds,-and in her declining years, she would talk by the hour of the really great people she had known, and in her brilliant and fascinating manner, would describe their manners, laugh at their idiosyncrasies, repeat their stories-her memory never failed her, and she would describe a reception at the White House which took place during the administration of Andrew Jackson or Martin Van-Buren, or a President of later years, as she would describe an event of a week or a month just passed away.

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