Gas Station 1900 - 1960 Soft Cover 1992 61 Pages Il design nelle Stanzioni Di

Gas Station 1900 - 1960 Soft Cover 1992 61 Pages Il design nelle Stanzioni Di

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Gas Station 1900 - 1960 Soft Cover 1992 61 Pages Il design nelle Stanzioni Di
Gas Station 1900 to 1960 Soft Cover 1992 61 Pages Il design nelle   Stanzioni Di servizio    Giovnni Paganoni
A compulsory stop, often hurried or distracted, along roads familiar to us, or along the adventurous turnpikes of a trip - a full tank, the oil checked, maybe a sandwich - and the gas station is already disappearing in the dust. It is already a faded memory as though it had left us completely indifferent, but the sounds, the smells and the colors linger.
From its beginnings, some eighty years ago, the gas station has never been just a simple filling station but a technological scenario where everything is created in order to seduce, attract and capture the client: the fuel pumps and their charming figure, the attendants' uniforms, the ad boards, the station roof, and a series of promotional objects all reflect the gas station's desire to seduce. Even the product packaging reveals an attention to detail which reflects and stimulates our desires of success, freedom and adventure. By showing and summarizing the present, these products let us glimpse at the future. This characteristic has always been present in gasoline pumps throughout their history.
It is for this reason that in front of an old gas pump with its bright globe and the tin plate of a brand which no longer exists, a reality and hope for the future emerge from within which are not necessarily ours, but those of the men in the Thirties, Forties or Fifties who stopped their automobiles next to that brand new, shiny pump. That message, directed to clients of long ago, surprises and fascinates us. It evokes the exciting atmosphere of their present and their future. Few objects of the recent past possess a similar power of suggestion.
The most powerful emotions are provoked by the gas pump, queen of the gas station. Whether it be short or long, in the shape of a post, a mushroom, a refrigerator or a skyscraper, it has always been at the center of the refueling ceremony. This shiny totem pole created by generations of designers which exudes energy is a true monument to motorization. The luminous globe which once crowned the pump, but now may have a life of its own, diffuses a warm message with its light.
Today, it is no longer the message of a brand name, often forgotten or unknown, but a thousand suggestions of imaginative names. Besides the pump and its globe, other items such as tin plates, cans, street maps and tools contribute to the atmosphere of these gas stations of the past, when automobiles were still a luxury and driving them was a more powerful emotion than today. . . emotional waves transmitted by aerodynamic forms, images which were then considered avantgarde, still lovely today, but slightly naive, capable of bringing a smile or a grimace to our lips.

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