Freight Car Models Vol 2 by Robert Schleicher Box Cars Book 1 RailModel Journal
Freight Car Models Vol 2 by Robert Schleicher Box Cars Book 1 RailModel Journal

Freight Car Models Vol 2 by Robert Schleicher Box Cars Book 1 RailModel Journal

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Freight Car Models Vol #2 by Robert Schleicher Box Cars Book 1   Notice the bumped lower right corner
Articles first published in RailModel Journal
Soft Cover
Copyright 1992
By Robert Schleicher
106 Pages
The purpose of these Freight Car Models books, and of Railmodel Journal (the magazine in which all these articles were first published), is to provide modelers with photographs of the precise prototypes for specific model kits. The Athearn and MDC box cars are two good examples: Nearly all the paint schemes seen on pre-painted verof these cars never appeared on cars withthe dimensions and surface details of these models. Many of Atheam's own paint schemes back in the era of metal kits were carried over to the new line of plastic kits in the Sixties, and most of those lettering schemes were for box cars a scale half-foot lower than Athearn's. The new Innovative Model Works HO scale cars and InterO scale cars (see pages 60-63) are accurate models of the cars those paint schemes were actually applied to.
Car Spotters Guides:
Life-Like Flat-Roof Box Cars (HO and N Scales)  4
Details West Smooth Plug-Door Box Car (HO Scale)  9
Details West Double-Plug-Door Box Car (HO Scale)  12
Details West Exterior-Post-Door Box Car (HO Scale)  14
Modeling Penn Central X72/X72A Box Cars in HO  6
Paint/Decal/Weathering by Todd Sullivan  8
Photo History: 50-foot Box Cars, 1894-1932  17
Modeling the 50-foot Single-Sheathed Box Cars  33
Roster, 50-foot Box Cars 1894-1932  34
AAR-Style Single-Door Box Cars, 1941-1959  36
General American/Evans Box Cars:
Sliding-Door Box Cars  42
Roster, As-Built Sliding-Door Box Cars  45
Repainted Sliding-Door Box Cars  46
"Final Fates" of the Sliding-Door Box Cars  50
Roster, "Final Fates" of the Sliding-Door Cars  50
Plug-Door "DF" Box Cars  48
Plug-Door "DF" Box Cars, part II  53
Plug-Door "DF" Box Cars, part III  59
As-Built Sliding-Door Car Update  57
Modeling the General American/Evans Sliding-Door Cars  58
1937 ACE-Built Cars (IMW HO Scale and Intermountain O Scale)  60
Roster, 1937 AAR Box Cars Built by ACF, circa 1936-1946  63
Modeling the 1937 AAR Box Cars in HO and O Scale  65
1945-1949 Santa Fe AAR Box Cars  66
Roster, Santa Fe 1945-1949 AAR Box Cars  66
1946-1949 AAR-Style, ACF-Built Cars with 4/4/Interim Ends  69
Roster, 1946-1949 Cars with 4/4 Interim Ends (10-foot Height)  106
Kit-Conversion: C&BT Box Car "Chop"  79
AAR-Style Double-Door Box Cars  82
"Transitional" Single-Door Cars, 1948-1949  86
Roster,"Transitional" Single-Door Cars, 1948-1949  86
1945-1949 AAR-Style with 4/3/Rectangular Rib Ends  87
1950-1954 AAR-Style with 4/3 "Dartnaught" Ends  92
Roster, 1950-1954 AAR-Style with 4/3 "Dartnaught" ends  95
1948-1953 AAR-Style with 4/3/Rectangular Ends, Diagonal Panel Roofs  99
Roster, 1948-1953 AAR-Style with 4/3/Rectangular Ends, Diagonal Panel Roofs  102
Pullman-Standard PS-1 Box Cars (Four, in Color)  103
ACF and B&O-Built Plate E Cars (Con-Cor N and HO Models)  104
Roster, ACF and B&O-Built Plate E Cars  106

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