Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages
Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages
Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages

Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages

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Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages
Flying Model Hellicopters by Dave Day Soft Cover 2005 191 Pages
When I first wrote this book, some thirteen years ago, I had no idea that it would last as long as it has. At that time, model helicopters were the fastest developing branch of the whole R/C hobby. In some ways that is still true, although the pace has slowed. Really radical developments are now few and far between and the form and construction of a typical model helicopter are now well established. Nonetheless, the adoption of new composite materials and improvements in control linkages mean that there is still a steady improvement.
At that time I wrote that the subject was becoming increasingly complex and ever more bewildering to the newcomer. This is probably even more true and the constant introduction of new and more versatile radio equipment makes things even more difficult to grasp.
In the beginning the intention was to constantly update the book by means of the various appendices that formed a part of it. For various reasons, this never did happen and these have been dispensed with to allow the inclusion of more up to date material, including more details on the setting up of a typical helicopter.
Unfortunately, the number of specialist helicopter shops has reduced and the necessary professional assistance is becoming harder to find. This is balanced to some extent by the greater number of active, skilled pilots, who can give their help.
Some thought was given to omitting the chapter on second hand buying. On reflection it was realised that, while the second hand market was currently fairly dormant, most of the points are still very relevant and may save someone from some problems.
The model helicopter has improved tremendously in recent years, but it is extremely difficult for even the most experienced flyer to fly it if it is badly adjusted. Anyone who has struggled on without help for some time will almost certainly be amazed at the difference that a little experienced advice can make.
In these pages we hope to do just a little to help those who are forced to 'go it alone' in the hope that some of the pitfalls can be eliminated or, at least, reduced.
Many of the recent advances have been due, in many ways, to the continuing improvement in radio equipment. This is not only due to the advent of increasingly versatile programmable transmitters, but also due to vast improvements in servos and, particularly, gyros. While this will be mentioned where relevant, the main subject will concentrate on the helicopters themselves. Those potential readers who are seeking a detailed examination of helicopter aerodynamics or a review of the current 'state-of-the-art' are strongly advised to look elsewhere since that is not the purpose of this book. Such a book would, in any case, almost certainly be out of date before it was published. What we intend to do here is to detail exactly what is entailed in the flying of model helicopters, from the early learning stage right up to competing in FAI class F3C contests.
It seems highly likely that this aspect alone will sorely stretch the confines of one book.

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