Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Burgess 1971
Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Burgess 1971
Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Burgess 1971

Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Burgess 1971

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Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Burgess 1971
Flemington Junction A History of Railroad Stations By Stephen Burgess Soft Cover Copyright 1971  33 Pages
Who has not stood at a railway station in anticipation of a train? The number who have not is small, I would venture, but is without a doubt growing. America has largely abandoned the passenger trains for its private automobiles, and the passenger trains have simply ceased to run. A whole generation is now growing up which may never pause at a station for a ticket to ride in a Pullman, a parlor car, or even a day coach.
Today, the public's most frequent encounter with the nation's railroads probably occurs at that classic transportation conflict point, the grade crossing: queued autos standing on .he road their drivers seething at the delay -- while an endless procession of freight cars clanks by. In the past, however, there were far more significant encounters with trains at passenger stations than at grade crossings, for then the railroads offered the only practical, comfortable means of long distance inland travel that was at the same time ubiquitous. There were few places not accessible by the steamcars, for the railroads had blanketed the land with their passenger services. Thousands upon thousands of stations opened their doors to the traveling public, and the public crowded them in their rush to get their tickets and go someplace. It was not long after the railway displaced the stage coach in America that the railway depot took on as much social significance in small-town America as the tavern and the general store.
Most of the stations in the United States were built in small towns simply because most of the towns in the United States are small. To go "down to the depot" during the halcyon years of passenger railroading was to go to the very heart of the small town, for there, in the magic of the telegrapher's key, in the newspapers thrown down from the express car, in the mailbags taken from the Railway Post Office car, and in the strangers who stepped down from the coaches was the link with the distant outside world. Nothing has come along since which has influenced the small town as much as the railway depot.
The history which unfolds on the following pages is centered on one such small depot. It is a history which sprang from a simple quest: to ascertain when the Lehigh Valley Railroad built their Flemington Junction, New Jersey station, a splendid Victorian style which has been sadly neglected and stands today a ghost of its original self. During the effort to meet that objective a fascinating panorama of events emerged from the pages of old newspapers, diaries and deeds which could not in all conscience he disregarded. And so they appear on these pages, a history considerably broader in scope than originally envisioned. It is hoped that all who read it derive as much fascination with the subject of Flemington Junction as that which prompted this writing.
The Junction
The Branch
Over the years
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