Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg 1902-1939, The by Herbert W Blake
Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg 1902-1939, The by Herbert W Blake

Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg 1902-1939, The by Herbert W Blake

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Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg 1902-1939, The by Herbert W Blake
Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg 1902-1939, The by Herbert W Blake
Soft Cover
Suburban Rapid Transit Company 1902-1930
Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg Railway Company 1904-1939
Approx 36 pages
This book is a companion to its larger predecessor entitled THE ERA OF STREETCARS IN WINNIPEG: 1881 to 1955, which was published lost May. The two books will now comprise a set which covers the era of streetcar transportation in and around Winnipeg. To those who had occasion to make use of this service, these books will bring back some memories of a time now past and to those who did not enjoy the pleasure of their use they may be useful in giving an almost first-hand acquaintance of the familiar form they were in.
There were only two actual interurban lines providing service out of Winnipeg. The cars were usually divided into two parts, the front section serving as a parcel/express area with a train door leading to the aisle of the passenger section. Two large sliding doors in the front section permitted loading large items including the numerous milk and cream cans that were picked up en route. A variation from this 'standard combine' as most interurban cars were was the straight passenger coach which usually included four or six seats in a front compartment set aside for those who wished to smoke.
The Suburban Rapid Transit Company line which commenced operation in 1902 had its Winnipeg terminus at the Austin Street loop near the Canadian Pacific Railway station. From there the car proceeded onto Main Street, along to Portage Avenue and out westward for about five miles to the city limit at St. James. For about a mile and one half before and for the remainder of the distance of about six miles it was open country side-of-the road running for many years, ending at the village of Headingly. The two cars exclusive to this run were a familiar sight to suburbanites as they passed by on their hourly runs.
The Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg Railway Company began as a steam line in 1904, between Selkirk to the north limits of Winnipeg. Later it was granted the privilege of extending the line another half mile to the North Carhouse at Inkster Avenue where a substantial wooden structure was built for its exclusive use for passengers and freight.

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