Elements of Locomotive Engineering, The  Volume 1 ITC The steam engine

Elements of Locomotive Engineering, The Volume 1 ITC The steam engine

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Elements of Locomotive Engineering, The Volume 1 ITC The steam engine
The Elements of Locomotive Engineering Volume 1 ITC The steam engine Arithmetic Mensuartion Mechanics   FIRST EDITION 1897 Hard Cover 430 pages with an index.  
The Instruction and Question Papers which are furnished to the students of The International Correspondence Schools become so badly worn and soiled that, when a student has completed his Course, he has worn out his Instruction Papers, and they are no longer suitable for reference or review. Since the Instruction Papers are very valuable, especially to those who have studied them, there has grown up a demand for Sets of the Instruction and Question Papers, indexed for convenient reference, and durably bound for preservation. Again, many of our students can spare but little time for study, and are, therefore, a long while passing through their Courses. These students also desire the Papers in bound volumes to use for reference. Other students begin Courses, but for various reasons are unable to complete them, and feel that, having paid for their Scholarships, they ought to have the text-books, even though they can not finish their Courses.
For these reasons, we have decided to publish all of the Instruction and Question Papers of our different Technical Courses in volumes bound in Half Leather, to make a small advance in our prices, and to furnish a set to each student as soon as his Scholarship is paid for, whether he has completed his studies or not.
The volumes for the present Course, the Locomotive Engineering, are five in number.
Volume I contains the Instruction and Question Papers on Arithmetic, Mensuration, Mechanics, and Steam and Steam Engines.
Volume II contains the Instruction and Question Papers on Locomotives and Dynamos and Motors.
Volume III contains the Plates and the instructions for drawing them. It forms a very complete Course in Mechanical Drawing.
Volume IV contains the Tables, Rules, and Formulas in common use. The student who has finished his Course will find these Tables of great service. All the principal formulas, with the definitions of the letters used in them, and the principal rules, are conveniently arranged for reference, so that the student can save the labor and time of hunting them out in the Instruction Papers.
Volume V contains the answers to the questions in the Question Papers.
These Instruction Papers are written from a practical standpoint, and contain only such information as the student requires in order to obtain a good working knowledge of the subjects which form the groundwork of a course in the elements of Locomotive Engineering. There is no padding, and the student gets in a clear and concise form the exact information which he desires.
To keep the student always interested in his work, we do not give him half a dozen ways of doing the same thing ; neither do we enter into speculative discussions of different subjects, all of which tend to confuse the student and leave him in doubt as to which one (or any one) is correct ; we give him the best or most suitable rule, formula, or method that we know of, without mentioning any of the others. In short, the Papers are written for practical men, and all the difficulties encountered by a student studying by himself, particularly those which are due to a definition or explanation being too technical, abstract, or not clear enough to be readily understood, have been carefully considered and overcome.

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