Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836
Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836
Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836
Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836
Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836

Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836

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Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser Bibliography 1798-1836
Early Printing in Morristown NJ by James H Fraser
A bibliography of Morristown imprints, 1798-1836
Soft Cover
30 pages
Copyright 1970

Table of Fees
The Bibliography
Armstrong, Amzi, 27
Barnes, Albert, 48, 51, 52
Bellamy, Joseph, 6, 7
Bible, English, 8
Blair, Hugh, 19, 22
Brown, John, 34
Cherry, William, 10
Citizen and Farmer's Almanac, 9
Condict, Lewis, 49
Cumberland, Richard, 28
Davidson, Robert, 4
Dobell, John, 16, 29, 42
Dubroca, Louis, 5
Fisher, Samuel, 23
Green, Jacob, 24
Henry, Matthew, 13, 25, 36
Hoover, Charles, 54
Home, Melville, 30
Jayne, Ebenezer, 14, 15
Knox, Vicesimus, 2
Le Blanc, Antoine, 53, 53a
MacGowan, John, 26
McNeven, James, 55
Missionary Society of New Jersey, 3
Mitchell, Samuel, 55
Morris County Bible Society, 35
Morris County Medical Society, 57
New Jersey, State of, 1, 37, 38, 44
Porter, Ebenezer, 21
Presbyterian Church, Synod of New York and Philadelphia, 31
Richards, James, 33
Tennent, William, 18
Watts, Isaac, 40
Whelpley, Samuel, 12, 15
Whitehead, R., 47
Witherspoon, John, 32
Young, David, 39, 41
PERHAPS there is no better indicator of a national or local community's cultural development than a chronological listing of the titles published for a given period within that community. A checklist of the last five years of printing in Stockholm, Denver, or Lagos would tell much about these communities as well as providing an insight into the relation of these centers to the national life of the day. So an examination of the first four decades of Morristown imprints (1798-1836) should tell us something of the emphases of Morristown society as well as the society of the United States at that period. Concern with fundamentals such as man's relationship to God, the state, and the place of education as the means of identifying for the young their place within the society can be seen in a simple listing of the printed titles of that time. (An instructive exercise might be a comparison of the titles listed in this bibliography with a listing of the output of Morristown printing and publishing firms in the late 1960's.)
Although this bibliography lists only Morristown imprints held by the Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township (hereafter referred to as the Morristown Library) , a complete listing' of Morristown imprints for the same period would show much the same publishing trend.
Of the twelve titles in the Morristown Library representing the period 1798-1808, five are concerned with spiritual matters, two with politics, two with education, with the remainder falling into the categories of history and secular concern. Probably the most important of these twelve titles from the standpoint of a printing undertaking as well as from the position of period interest, is the octavo Bible printed by Jacob Mann and his associate, Douglass (See item nr. 8) . This publishing event, the second of its kind in New Jersey,2 is commonly referred to as the "Arminian Bible" because of the reading of Hebrews 6:4-6 ["For it is possible for those who were once enlightened ... if they shall fall away to renew them again unto repentante ..."]. It is interesting to note that this title is preceded in the bibliography by Bellamy's TRUE RELIGION DELINEATED (See item nr. 7) with its "confutation" of "... some of the principal errors both of the Arminians and Antinomians ...
In the decade 1809-1819, two thirds of the titles are concerned with religious subjects one of which is worth mentioning for its scarcity, the CONSTITUTION OF THE MORRIS COUNTY BIBLE SOCIETY ... 1818 (See item nr. 35) . The American Bible Society had been founded two years earlier and it was a common practice for affiliate and auxiliary Bible societies to be formed in states, counties and cities throughout the country. In one sense, the American Bible Society was an outgrowth of the New Jersey Bible Society which had been founded by Elias Boudinot several years earlier. Boudinot realized, however, that the publication and distribution of the Bible was more than a local concern and in 1816 he met in New York with religious leaders and representatives from other local Bible societies. This meeting resulted in the formation of the American Bible Society.3 Local societies in Morris County and Somerset County were organized in 1818 to further the work of the national organization.

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