Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket
Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket
Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket
Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket

Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket

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Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 Kinert with Dust Jacket
Early American Steam Locomotives 1830-1900 By Reed Kinert 
158 Pages
Hard Cover with DUST JACKET.  
Copyright 1962


Author's Note    5
Chapter I America's First Steam Locomotive  9
Chapter II America's Second and Third Steam Locomotives  15
Chapter III The Iron Horse Begins to Take Over  23
Chapter IV Another Watchmaker Appears 29
Chapter V During Which Steady Progress Is Made  49
Chapter VI The "Grasshoppers" Have Their Day   53
Chapter VII The Wondrous Steam Engine Grows  57 
Chapter VIII Canals, Roads and Railroads 61
Chapter IX Bells, Whistles, Headlights and Other "Extras" - 65
Chapter X New Rails and Larger Engines 71
Chapter XI Mud Diggers, Camels and High Drivers  77
Chapter XII The Wild Iron Horse  129
Chapter XIII The American Type Locomotive 133
Chapter XIV The Glorious Iron Horse 137
Chapter XV Civil War and Rails West 143
Chapter XVI Cylinders, Boilers, Coal and Huge Engines  147
Chapter XVII Eulogy of Steam 153
Specification Chart   156
Index 157, 158
A. J. Cromwell 116* *
Alert 37*
Andrew Jackson 85**
Anthracite 139
Arabian 84**
Asa H. Curtis 112**
Atlantic 35*, 52
Baldwin Flexible Beam truck 80
Baldwin 6-wheel connected 59
Best Friend of Charleston 20, 34*, 81**
Camel No. 217 48*
Camel type 146
Campbell American type 30
C. L. Flint 145
Carbon 135
Chesapeake 70
Cincinnati 79
Chloe 108**
Claus Spreckels 128**
Climax geared type No. 770 122**
Coach, Winans double truck 64
C. P. Huntington 45*
Crab type 0-4-0 52, 54
Daniel Nason 89**
DeWitt Clinton 16, 17, 82*
Dorothy 111*
Dutch Wagon type 89**, 132
E. L. Miller 27
Emma Nevada 105**
Experiment 25
Forney type, first suburban 142
Forney type, No. 2 126**
General 90**
General Darcy 138
Genoa 106**
Governor Williamson 131
Gowan & Marx 55
Hercules 51
Indiana 40*
J. C. Davis 100**
John Hancock 31, 86**
John Stevens 75, 76
Lafayette 36*
Lightning 73
J. W. Bowker 99**
Memnon 87**
Minnetonka 96*
Mississippi 83**
Mogul type, first 69
Monster 28
Mud Digger, first type 67, 80
Mud Digger, second type 611
Norris six-coupled 63
Old Ironsides 22
Perry 39*
Phoenix 21
Pioneer 41*, 88**
Rail types 12
Reuben Wells 94**
Smoke stack types 140
South Carolina 19
Tank type 0-6-0 42*
Thatcher Perkins 46*
Tiger 43*
Tom Thumb   11, 33*
Washington 38*
West Point 13, 26
William Crooks 93**
William Mason 7, 44*, 91**, 141, 160
Willie 110**
York 14
0-4-0 type, Porter 118*
0-4-0T type, No. 7 103**
0-4-0T type, No. 569 104*
0-4-2T type, No. 7 97**
2-4-4TB suburban type 102**
2-6-0 type, No. 3 120**
2-6-0 type, No. 4 121**
2-6-4TB suburban type No. 1447 119**
2-8-0 type, No. 229 149
2-8-0 type, No. 667 109**
4-4-0 American type, No. 1 101**
4-4-0 American type, No. 3 113**
4-4-0 American type, No. 3 115**
4-4-0 American type, No. 11 58
American type, No. 119 123**
American type, No. 137 47
American type, No. 140 127**
American type, No. 173 98**
American type, No. 374 114**
American type, No. 870 151
American type, No. 999 155
4-6-0 type, No. 70 125*"
4-6-0 type, No. 2174 117**
4-4-2T type, No. 1 95**
4-8-0 type, No. 2933 124**
Finally the little locomotive was finished, steam was up, and the president of the railroad and two or three other gentlemen, who had been anxiously standing by, climbed aboard the little Tom Thumb. The day was fine and the company in high spirits. Stockton and Stokes, two jokesters, had contrived to have a gray horse hitched to a passenger car on a parallel track, confident that the horse drawn car would outstrip the locomotive.
The start was even, away went horse and engine, the snort of one and the puff of the other keeping time and tune. So began the first trip by an American built locomotive, the year was 1830.
Here is the story in word and picture of the Steam Locomotive from "Teakettles" to "Titans", they were the medium that welded together an entire continent with rails of steel.
Many of these engines were built and used before the day of the camera and have never been seen by either the eye of a living soul or the lens of a camera.
Working with great skill and love, using the original builders specifications, old steel and wood engravings, and written descriptions of the period, Mr. Kinert has recreated these engines accurately to the last detail.
Charles W. Swanburg, noted northwest artist and railroad "buff" says, "Mr. Kinert's drawings, in addition to being excellent in draftsmanship, show great attention to detail and reflect many long hours of painstaking research."

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