Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967

Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967

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Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines 1967 Spiral Bound9 Damaged binding) 41 pages
This is from the 1962 edition, the key is from this edition:
This edition (1962)  of the World Directory marks the fourth time the original content-have been revised. Although the format remains the same, many changes will be note throughout these pages, since great changes are being made in the transit industry in general and in urban rail transit in particular. Since the 1960 edition, the tempo of abandonment has remained about the same as in 1959, with many of the oldstyle tramways being ciosed, Spiez especially, will be missed by those who appreciate colorful, turn-of-the-century operations. However, several modern systems were also converted. Washington, Luzern, Sydney,and the Long Beach interurban of LATA were all seemingly endowed with excellent facilities for many more years of life. Trends in various countries also began to develop during 1961, with a result that Argentina may lose most of its city lines within a short time. In Northeast Europe, however, plans and work are going ahead on modernization of many remaining systems, features of which will include advanced cars and tramway subways beneath congested districts. New construction continues on heavy rapid-transit. A major start, to be made this year, wilt be on a Montreal subway, patterned after the rubber tired Paris line. A new interurban was opened in Japan in late 1961, and many extensions and modernizations were noted in this nation's electric lines (including vista-dome cars!).
For the first time, this directory has listed the names of the heavy-electric railways of the world, making complete, the coverage of the electric scene. Statis tics given, cover only the electrified sections of such railways, although most have extensive non-electric trackage.
As usual, museum cars are listed in a separate section, as are the heavy electrifications. In all parts of the directory (except under heavy electrics) companies are listed according to the major city served, whether or not shops or offices are located there. Since the heavy electrics generally are national in scope, they list the address of the main offices.
This work has been made as complete as possible and easy reference may be made in the category columns, to the readers' own personal preferences. New categories help, further, in making clearer, the thin line separating street railways from interurbans. Great care has been taken to assure accurate information, however in some cases, remote or very small operations may be listed which have recently been abandoned. Where doubt exists, notes are made in the remarks.
In the CLASS column.
ELECTRIC STREET RAILWAY. Urban lines operating primarily in streets.
(*)RURAL TRAMWAY. Serving a primarily rural area with small cars of street railway type.
INTERURBAN TRAMWAY using tramway-type cars in suburban or inter-city service.
IINTERURBAN RAILWAY or light-weight electric railway, using self-propelled cars of heavier than
tramway-type in passenger service.
FFREIGHT SERVICE ONLY on interurban or light electric railways.
PPRIVATE OR INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC RAILWAY with light-weight motive power.
CCABLE-OPERATED FUNICULAR RAILWAY of standard-gauge or narrower, with tram-type cars.
In addition, some platform-type inclines are listed in this edition whose gauges exceed standard.
XLc, .ion of EX-ELECTRIC RAILWAY CARS now operating on non-electric railways.
RELECTRIC RACK RAILWAY. (Cog Railway). IR, iR, or *R indicates rack and adhesion operation.
mOPERATING MUSEUM LINE. (Non-operating cars, preserved, are listed in a separate section.)
rtRAPID TRANSIT. Subway, elevated, or private right-of-way surface line with limited stops, using heavy equipment.
rt+RAPID TRANSIT OPERATED BY A MAIN-LINE or State Railway, or on main-line trackage.
AAMUSEMENT PARK OPERATION. Authentic-appearing operation with adult appeal.
0SCHEDULED FOR ABANDONMENT during 1967 or 1968. Electric public service will cease.
However, the company may continue diesel freight service or bus service in some cases. Also, cars occasionally remain on the property for sometime after abandonment, or a remnant of the electric line may be kept for some minor duty.
In the SIZE column.
Due to the frequent change in the number of cars on various properties, numbers of cars owned are not usually given in the remarks, except when expected to remain unchanged during the year. Instead, the following categories are used:
LThe company owns 250 or more passenger cars (including both motor and trailer). MThe company owns from 50 to 249 cars.
SThe company owns from 10 to 49 cars.
VSThe company owns less than 10 cars.
In the GAUGE column.
SStandard gauge, 4' 8-1".
MMeter gauge, one meter.
NNarrower than standard gauge, when exact gauge is unknown.
WWider than standard gauge, when exact gauge is unknown.
Note: Exact gauges are given in the metric system where it applies. U. S. - British measurements are given in English speaking countries, Japan and the Far East.
MILEAGE given is route mileage rather than track mileage.
One KILOMETER is equal to approximately 5/8 mile.

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