Corvette an American Classic Soft Cover 1978  Chevrolet Petersen's Deluxe Series

Corvette an American Classic Soft Cover 1978 Chevrolet Petersen's Deluxe Series

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Corvette an American Classic Soft Cover 1978 Chevrolet Petersen's Deluxe Series
Corvette an American Classic Soft Cover 1978  176 Pages
It is fitting in this 25th Anniversary year of the Chevrolet Corvette that so many periodicals and books about the car are finding their way onto newsstands and bookshelves across the nation. The unique sports car that marked a manufacturing milestone on that warm June 30, 1953, when Job One rolled from its Flint, Michigan, birthplace, thus reaches another major milestone on closing its first quarter-century. Between these extremes over a half-million Corvettes have been produced and each in its own right is worthy of a story all its own. Never before has an American car developed such a devout following of worshipers; indeed, there are today more Corvette buffs than there have been cars bearing this nameplate.
While many books have stressed the historical aspect of the Corvette, others have plunged into the raw performance that the car has always displayed. Still more have been published showing the Corvette as an object of art upon which huge amounts of money have been lavished. But few works have indulged the time and effort to combine all of the Corvette's facets between a single set of book covers. This is what we have produced in Petersen's CORVETTE: AN AMERICAN CLASSIC.
Together with the colorful and exotic feature cars to be found on the following pages, we detail the evolution of the car from its very beginning and highlight it with many never-before-seen black and white as well as full-color photographs of the Corvette as it metamorphosed from the very first to 1978's Silver Anniversary
model. Indeed, we trace the car's ancestry back before the start-up of production, putting to rest once and for all many of the myths that have long surrounded the car's beginnings. A sample: The first car wouldn't start after assembly because an electrical grounding wire wasn't provided for the fiberglass body-False. Another: Cars numbered One and Two still exist and are either being preserved for later "discovery" or are undergoing restoration-False again. One more: The original January '53 General Motors Motorama show Corvette survives-True!
Such is the stuff of which this book is made-plus all the thrills and glory of the early factory-backed racing efforts, the continuation of overt racing by "private" entrants after the GM edict against open competition and so on through all
the motorized sports in which the Corvette has played a major role.
How, you may ask and notwithstanding the miles of text and the repeated use of the same early Corvette photos that writers have produced over the years, can this book present a different insight into the car? Turn the page and start reading-and welcome to OUR world of the Corvette.

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