Colorful Look At Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines,A by Bernet with photos by

Colorful Look At Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines,A by Bernet with photos by

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Colorful Look At Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines,A by Bernet with photos by
A Colorful Look At Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines by Bernet with photos by Connelly Soft Cover 2003  48 pages
Remember the day when a shortline was just that, short? In today's highly merged world a shortline or regional could be and often is hundreds of miles long. Oh sure, the country is still peppered with small to mid size companies but often a "one commodity hauled road" has seen its heyday fade into history.
There is renewed interest in the shortline / regionals of today. Many hobbyists don't care for the corporate strength and the dismissive approach taken by the yellow, orange, black or gray companies. Big is often not better, if anything it can be as boring as a road with only one locomotive. At that, a railroad that rosters just one locomotive might just have a charm and friendliness all its own. It is with this in mind that we turn our attention to the selected "short stories " that Pennsylvania has to offer.
Like many other topics this one started with a phone call. The caller identifying himself as Carl Connelly. He was calling to say how much he had enjoyed the series of books based on the work of Arch and Bruce Kantner. Like them, he had spent much time aiming his camera at railroad subjects. His favorite was no longer there to enjoy, as the Wellsville Addison and Galeton had been abandoned on May 16, 1978. Yet he still spoke fondly of the road and wondered if his attempts at photographing the line might be of interest to others. He mentioned that he also captured other local roads on film, such as the Maryland & Pennsylvania and the Cornwall. All three draw strong interest from fans but their color coverage had been slight and for good reason. While interest is strong, none would support a full-blown hardcover effort but combining them into one modest price book might just be the ticket to success.
With a face to face meeting arranged by Mike Bednar, we all agreed to see just what could be put together using Carl's talents. Using this format with size constraints, it would be impossible to chronicle the complete histories of these lines. What we were able to do was open a window on each of the topics, look in, and get a good feel for what the roads were about. As always this may open up other collections to be shared that may in fact add to the data and information already provided. Nevertheless, the results of Carl's efforts are in your hands and we think you too will appreciate his "short stories".

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