Colorado's Mountain Railroads by R A Le Massena Vol I Soft Cover 1963

Colorado's Mountain Railroads by R A Le Massena Vol I Soft Cover 1963

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Colorado's Mountain Railroads by R A Le Massena Vol I Soft Cover 1963
Colorados Mountain Railroads By R A Le Massena Volume I 163 Pages Soft Cover 1963
This volume, the first of three which are planned, was designed to fill the need of a single and complete source of fundamental information concerning Colorado's operating steam railroads, and the locomotives which have pulled their cars for nigh n to an entire century. When one asks about the Noland Land & Transfer Co., or le Treasury Mountain Ry., perhaps even the Denver, Clear Creek & Western, he may find something which attests to their existence at some time or other.But, to pin-down the dates, to locate the trackage, or to discover photographs of their locomotives, is quite a different matter.
Fortunately, Colorado has been blessed with the efforts of devoted and prolific individuals, who have chronicled several of the State's railroads in text, maps and  
photos, before time had completely erased their traces.In spite of this activity, most of Colorado's railroads lie in a sort of twilight-zone; maps show them; reports mention them; and some can be located only by stereo aerial-photography. As for their steam locomotives, they have vanished from the earth, leaving less trace than their abandoned roadbeds.
Now, two individuals, working independently, have brought these yester-year railroads back to life. Ed Haley, a professional cartographer, has revised Clason's huge and unpublished railroad-map, bringing it up to date by adding all of the new 3 trackage built since 1913, and resurrecting that trackage which had disappeared before then. With it, every railroad which ever operated a train in Colorado can be located. Simultaneously, Bob LeMassena, a devoted researcher, had been collecting photo-graphs of the steam locomotives of these railroads, and had been compiling their rosters, together with corporate and physical data about the railroads. It is indeed fortunate that this incredible map and this ''handbook" are appearing together, since they complement one-another.
But, the job is not entirely complete. For example, the Colorado & Wyoming roster, appearing in print for the first time, has a couple of holes which the railroad itself cannot plug. And, who has a photo of the four Denver & Rio Grande locomotives lich they loaned to the Colorado Northern? These are typical of the historical ps, which, it is hoped, someone else can fill with a bit of data, or a revealing photograph.

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