Colorado Midland by Morris Cafky 1965 DJ With Maps Limited Ed SIGNED #4809

Colorado Midland by Morris Cafky 1965 DJ With Maps Limited Ed SIGNED #4809

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Colorado Midland by Morris Cafky 1965 DJ With Maps Limited Ed SIGNED #4809
Colorado Midland by Morris Cafky 1965 DJ With Maps Limited Ed SIGNED #4809
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Copyright 1965
467 Pages
Includes pocket with Maps  with 5 maps
Book #4809
SIGNED by Morris Cafky
Back in 1921, a railroad died.
It was not a vast system, with thousands of miles of track and hundreds of locomotives. It did not even compare favorably in size or scope with other major Colorado railroads, yet, when it died, it constituted one of the largest business enterprises in the State of Colorado and, small as it was, the Colorado Midland's 298-mile main line constituted a link in transcontinental routings.
Including brandies and spurs, the Colorado Midland had less than 350 miles of track when it was abandoned, only 63 locomotives remained on its roster, and passenger and freight rolling stock totalled only a little over 1200 pieces of equipment. Its only seeming claims to greatness were its role as a link in a transcontinental system, as a local transportation unit of some importance, and as one of the most spectacular examples of railway engineering in North America.
By rights, the Colorado Midland should have been utterly forgotten by this time - yet, exactly the opposite has occurred. Thanks to its incredible career, the spectacular Rocky Mountain topography it traversed, the very great difficulties of operation and-perhaps above all-because it represented, as the largest abandonment then recorded in American railroad history, a lost cause of impressive dimensions, the memory of the Colorado Midland refused to die.
Devotees of Western Americana and railroad history enthusiasts became more and more intrigued by this fantastic railroad. As this interest grew, scattered articles on the C. M. appeared, touching on the highlights of the line's almost unbelievable story. Unfortunately, most of the information on the subject still had not been utilized, and photographs of the railroad seemed to be few and far between.
Now the entire story is here. Years of research in dusty newspaper files, painstaking sorting of the company's surviving records, reading of innumerable back issues of railroad and engineering trade magazines, interviews with many former employees, and dedicated detective work by many persons in unearthing old photographs, has made this book-length story of the Colorado Midland a reality.

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