Collectible Automobile 1991 April 1949-52 Pontiac Allard Pierce-Arrow Olds Chrys

Collectible Automobile 1991 April 1949-52 Pontiac Allard Pierce-Arrow Olds Chrys

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Collectible Automobile 1991 April 1949-52 Pontiac Allard Pierce-Arrow Olds Chrys
Collectible Automobile 1991 April
Page Eight
1957-59 Ford Ranchero: "Handsome Caller .. .Husky Hauler"
Car-based pickups weren't unknown before World War II, but only Hudson and Crosley built them briefly after the war. Meanwhile, Ford had been producing such a vehicle-the "Ute"- in Australia for decades. For 1957, Ford imported that car-pickup concept to America as the Ranchero, as Tim Howley relates.
Page Twenty-Four
Photo Feature
1934 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow
Ever conservative luxury-car builder Pierce-Arrow ran into difficult times in the early Thirties. Seeking a more progressive image, Pierce brought out a V-12 in late 1931, and the sleek, revolutionary Silver Arrow show car in '33. A striking, but less radical, production Silver Arrow followed for '34.
Page Twenty-Eight
1949-54 Allard J2 and J2-X: Brute-Force British Hot Rods
The J2 and J2-X were British hot rods built from American Ford components, and often powered by overhead-valve Cadillac or Chrysler V-8s. Born of the brute-force and bloody-ignorance school of motoring, they did what they were supposed to do-win races. Dean Batchelor tells their story
Page Forty
1965-66 Rambler Ambassador: Becoming as Big as the "Big Three"
When Roy Abernethy took the helm at American Motors, he began to steer AMC in the direction of becoming a full-line automaker. Thus emerged a larger, more stylish '65 Ambassador to compete with the likes of the Chevy Impala, as Arch Brown explains.
Page Fifty-Two
Photo Feature
1947 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible
Though one could argue that it wasn't very exciting mechanically, nor even all that unique, the postwar Town and Country convertible had class-loads of it. Massive, opulent, and impeccably finished, it is one of the most desirable "woodies" ever built.
Page Fifty-Six
1949-52 Pontiac: Sensible Postwar Silver Streaks
Pontiac made its fame selling sensible cars priced just above Chevrolet. Dependability and the lowest priced straight-eight around were its virtues. For 1949, the all-new styling was sexy-but Arch Brown insists that value-per-dollar was the bottom line.

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